The insessor trend is seriously exaggerated: like the first firing of tomorrow.

”Tower”, almost everyone has heard of this word. When a MLB team gets a victory in the playoffs series, we will say or want to write or at least considering that this momentamot’s momentum is in a party.

Waremarers sweep Luoki, keep the momentum

Waremarers sweep Luoki, keep the momentum

For anyone who pays attention to the baseball playoffs, the momentum is a talker, talking about its ordinary fans next to the water dispenser, big to the season TV analyst. Anyone wants to prove that there is no momentum in the MLB playoffs. For example, Yangji Red Sock Series is the second battle, Yangji wins home in Boston, will have a media to write: That victory changed the trend of the whole wheel series.

But the problem is: during a short MLB playoff, this thing does not exist at all, or it is impossible to distinguish between specific evidence. The truth is like an old baseball motto. It is a word of baseball name, and the momentum is like the first pitcher in tomorrow. The subtext is, although he sometimes can pass the individual’s strength, but the first firing is between the results and the results of the game.

Statistics make the truth

Here, I reviewed the playoffs between the 2012 season to the 2017 season, to explore the momentum of this thing in the playoffs. The method is that after a team won a game in the playoffs, the number of times the next game will be included.

It is necessary to further explain the method here: In the playoffs, after a team won, the winning and negative will be detailed. And any round of series, the result of its first game represents the momentum. But here is the first that this momentum does not explain that it will help this team win. In the face of the 4th winning series, in the 4th game of the 4th game, the team swept the opponent with 4 winners, and its record was 3 wins and 0 losses after winning the momentum. Examples of the reverse, such as last year, the national assembly racing bear and the national series, the bears won the first battle, the third battle, the 5th battle, and the battle of the momentum was 0 wins and 4 losses. Because the bear winning is 0 wins and 2 losses, the national is also 0 wins and 2 losses, adding 0 wins and 4 losses.

All the data in the MLB playoffs is too large, and because the changes in the matching system are not accurate, the statistical results are not accurate, and this is calculated from 2012. One of the reasons is because that is the first year of today’s season, that is, the Metado and the National Association’s external card win team can achieve further playoffs. However, the data is inconvenient for external card warfare, because it is considered the momentum of the series, and the outer card battle has only one game.

From the 2012 season to the 2017 season, a total of 42 rounds of series, a total of 204 games. Since the first battle has been counted as a momentum, there is no statistics, then there will be 162 games to count the victory. This baseball fan is certain here, because 162 is the number of games in the baseball regulations. In the 162 games in the 2012 season to the 2017 season, they got the victory team, and the record was 80 wins and 82. If the calculation method is calculated in this article, the momentum is not worth it. Because 80 wins and 82 are almost five five open.

The momentum is valuable but has been exaggerated.

This is not surprising. Any single baseball game, the winning and negative probability of the results of the game is like throwing the coins. Mathematician Lennad – Morodino said that you want to prove that a team defeated another team’s probability of 55%, at least a series of 269 games. Even if a seasonal
game team really increased from the victory of the head, it could not suppress the randomness of the baseball game, so the momentum is not enough to affect the final result of the next game.

One thing to note is that the length of the playoffs will change according to the situation in the game, like a winemaker sweeping Luoji, the winemaker is very fierce, they can have won. For the 2017 season, the worship and the national tale fighting, this round of series is not too beneficial to refute the momentum, because from the perspective, the momentum of both parties has never been really built.

The momentum of the series is subjective. Maybe just included the final result of each game to determine the momentum is unfair. For example, the United Arab Dividend, Yangji defeated red socks in the second battle of the series, which may be the continuation of the momentum of the half-section of the first war, while the first battle is the ball.

In 2004, the Federation of Federations, Yangji and Red Wattery, Yangji first than 0 lead. In the 4th, many people may still remember, when the Yangji’s post-aid pitcher Rivila is ready to send the Red Sock Series, how is the Yangji fans full of confidence. When the red sock faces Rivira, the rapping of the Yangji fans has formed a distinct comparison when they chase the game in the 9 bureau. The momentum of the first three games in Yangji disappeared. Of course, the red socks won the game, and won the 7 battles after the next day, directly from the world contest, in turn, in explanation.

The momentum is sometimes still tube. After all, the results of the winning wins have occurred later, and the magical performance of the Red Socks was not denying. If you do this two rounds of series, you will throw three positives first, and then it is eight back, this result is really amazed.

The value of the momentum is exaggerated because of our current use, the third game of the Warriors Dodge Division is a good example, and the results of the baseball match are not a lot.