The jet three consecutive wins were arrogant at home, "Make them to shut up

November 25th, with the deep, New York jet in the 2019 season NFL regular season, this in the early season, it has been in the early season, and now it is finally getting rid of the natural colors of people who are deceiving. .

On November 25th, Beijing time, the New York jet home 34-3 victorious Auckland raid, not only ended the opponent’s three consecutive victories, but also successfully took a beautiful three-game winning, the overall record has risen to 4 wins 7 burden. However, in this competition, although the performance of the New York jet is sufficiently eye-catching, it is excellent enough, but this seems to be able to impress the home fans of the jet.

In this competition, the fans of the entire New York Mostball Course did not buy the jet. Whenever the jet debuted, the stadium will ring the snoring; and when the raid team debut The fans are constantly cheering, as if they are in the home court of Auckland raids.

It is treated such a fans in his home, which allows the jet to burn in anger, so this team has vent all the anger to the Auckland raid. This is like the jet’s All-Star Safety Wei Mamar – Jamal Adams is done in the locker room. In the warm-up, the fans continued to make fun of the jet players, so before the kick, the jet returned to the locker room, then Adams roared to the teammates, with a passion ”Speech” criticized the home fans and then motivated the team’s players.

”I won’t lie to you. When we were on the court, I felt great disrespect!” After the game, Jamar – Adams said, ”We have received the buzz of countless visual teams in his home.” I am stupid, let’s go back to the locker room, I said some words, I have to say something to my teammates! ”

”You understand, I don’t want to say those words, but we feel great not respect. So, I used this to ignite our passion.”

Obviously, Adams’s work is full, the jet is rising, in the offense, the defensive end completely defeat the Auckland raid. . In this event, Adams completed 5 clams and cut 0.5 times, this star safety gas is not only in the language, but also uses excellent stadium to make an episode.

As we all know, most of the NFL team hosted at home, the home fans will arrogly noise to interfere with the performance of the team. But the encounter of New York jet is obviously a lot, and the fans of the raid. But they used these negative impacts to bring great mysterium to the team.

After defeating the Auckland raid, the New York jet went smoothly. Jamar – Adams explained his own mentality, he pointed out a little: ”Either silently endure, or initiate counterattack to shut up! I am not arrogant, but the fans of the opponent are too expanded, they feel defeated us Very simple, they think we are very bullying, so we must counterattack. ”

In fact, in general, there will be many shouting home fans at home games, but unfortunately, this round of competitions, the New York Giants attracted most of the enemy’s battle against the Dallas Cowboy. New York fans, therefore, the jet will face such a situation at home.