The Lakers lost to the king when three plus! Westbrook empty cut three pairs, James 30 points two lost lore, Fox 34 points!

Beijing time November 27th, the 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. In today’s focus battle, the Lakers hosted the challenge of the Kings. Before the game, Lakers 10 wins and 10 losses ranked 9th Western Kings 7 wins and 12 losses ranked 11th west.

The first lineup of both parties is as follows:

Kings – Fox, Halliburton, plum chart, Ryan, Harkless;

Lakers – James Davis, Westbrook, Bradley, little Jordan.

Section 1 competition:

The first to hit the basket, Jordan, Ryan helped the Kings to score. Then Westbrook and Davis continuous succeeded, the Kings hit a 3 Halliburton, plum drawing of two free throws! After James scored five points, the Kings and Terence Fox scored five points for a response. This half after the holiday, Tucker hit three points, in a Davis made two free throws, followed by the Kings Fox and Jones hit consecutive Hilde two free throws, Mitchell also shot, Kings wave of 7: 0 completed lead. Westbrook before the end of this section 4 penalty 3, the two sides battle to 20:20!

Section 2 competition:

Bagley hit the basket, Anthony hit two consecutive 3 points, after Harkless shooting, Ellington and Halliburton has hit three points. Then Davis and Monk jointly play a wave of 6: 0, the Lakers lead eight minutes. This half after the holiday, Fox hit a 3, Thompson basket succeeded, Davis scored four points for a response. Hilde then hit a 3, Thompson basket succeeded once again, the two sides battle 43:43 halftime.

Section 3 Competition:

Bradley shot, plum map and Terence continuous shooting, after Davis succeeded, Terence again made two free throws after Ryan and Fox have succeeded, the Kings lead six minutes. Then Westbrook made two free throws, then hit three points, hit a 3 Halliburton fired back. Then James and Westbrook continuous succeeded, after Anthony hit three points, the Lakers completed the go-ahead. This half after the holiday, Fox led the Kings played 6: 2 to regain the lead. Westbrook labeled 2 + 1, Munch one with 5 points, 3 points hit in the Halliburton, Tucker shooting. One minute before the end of this section, have less prestige and Mitchell hit a 3, Munch and Hilde also continuous succeeded, leading the Lakers Kings 78:73.

Section 4 Competition:

Monk and Ellington hit consecutive 3 points, Anthony shot, the Lakers wave of 8: 0 lead will expand the advantage to 13 points. The labeled Houbageli 2 + 1, Munch after shooting, Terence hit a 3, Lane 3 free throw shooting, the shooting Heald, King team points deficit to 4 points. After a pause, and James Bagley has hit three points, followed by James and Fox have also succeeded, followed by Ryan one with 5 points, the Lakers go-ahead 1 minute Kings. After the pause, Fox and Halliburton hit consecutive shots after Westbrook, Munch hit three points, the two sides battle to 98:98! The last minute of the game, James and Fox has hit, the two sides battle into 21 seconds before the whistle 100: 100! Lakers last attack, James missed three points, the two sides into overtime.

1st overtime:

James took the lead caused by foul free throws, followed by Westbrook hit a layup, James, again resulting in foul free throws, the Lakers made six-point lead. Hilde then labeled as 2 + 1, James shooting, Davis made two free throws, after Halliburton made two free throws, the Lakers 110: 105 lead five minutes. Then James offensive foul, Fox shooting, James 3 can not, Hilde ultra-long 3-pointer, the two sides battle to 110: 110! The key round Davis basket succeeded, Hilde hit a jumper, James missed three points,
the two sides 112: 112 into the second overtime.

The first two overtime:

Fox took the lead hit Westbrook for a response later, Davis labeled as 2 + 1, Haliburton hit a 3-sides draw again! Subsequently Anthony shot, Hilde hit three points, Westbrook field goal to help the Lakers go-ahead 1 point. Pause Houfukesi shooting again, James two free throws, followed by Fox and James have been hit. Kings last attack is not labeled, the two sides 124: 124 into the third overtime.

The first three overtime:

Westbrook hit the lead, Bagley labeled as 2 + 1, Hilde shooting, shooting after James, the Lakers team 1 point behind. Fox then made two free throws, shooting Bagley, the Kings lead of 5 points. Pause Houfukesi again shooting, James made two free throws, after Thompson basket succeeded, Davis labeled as 2 + 1, 4 points behind the Lakers. Then Westbrook two free throws, the Lakers foul Houxierde two free throws, Anthony hit three points deficit to 2 points, Hilde after two free throws, the Lakers hopeless situation.

141 lost to the Kings, the record becomes 10 wins, 11 losses, winning again fell below 5 percent: In the end, the Lakers three-overtime at home by 137.


Kings – Fox 34 points and 6 rebounds and 8 assists, Haliburton 19 points, seven rebounds and nine assists, 13 points and Terrence Thompson 13 points, five rebounds, 25 points Hilde 4 rebounds and 6 assists,, Bagley 13 points 7 rebounds, 4 assists, Ryan 12 points and 7 rebounds.

Lakers – James 30 points, seven rebounds and 10 assists, Davis scored 23 points and 8 rebounds, 4 assists, Westbrook 29 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists, Anthony scored 16 points, Munch had 20 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, Tucker cut under 7 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists, 6 points Ellington.