The Lakers should be killed? NBA official decision referee reported pedestrians 3 points by the fourth penalty 1 ball

The Lakers challenge the pedestrian game, James’s game is 43.5 minutes, madly cut 39 points led the Lakers, and struggled to defeat the pedestrian team through the overtime. The Lakers also increased by 50% by the victory. However, this game has caused a huge controversy: many fans believe that the pedestrian team
is divided into 3 points, and the pedestrian team should add 1 goal.

At the last moment of the context of the competition, the pedestrian team behind the lake team. At this time, Brogden hit the Ball of James to kill the basket, then gave Du Alte in the bottom line. In fact, Du Alter did not get a good opportunity, Bradley’s defense, like the shadow. Du Alter then facing Bradley into a horizontal 3 points. The last attack of the Lakers is fruitless, and the two teams enter the overtime.

After the game, there was a fan pointed out that Bradley’s defenders infringed Du Alter’s shooting space and had a physical contact with him. The pedestrian team should get a free throw. However, this kind of controversial is also relatively large, and there are many fans who think that Du Alte is going to shoot back, not Bradley and he has physical contact.

Now, NBA official gives an authoritative conclusion, and the official announces the referee report: the last 2 minutes of the Lakers and the Pacers and the Time Player have a leakage. The latter should add a ball.

This means that the Lakers should be lore in normal time? I personally think that there is this possibility, but it is not necessarily a nail! At that time, Dourt was a chance to get a penalty, and it would not be able to hit it. Even if Du Alter is hit, the lake team should be completely different, maybe it can come to kill. Of course, if the referee really adds a penalty, the probability of the lake team is really large, but it is not the situation that will be lost.