The large device is late into a generation of legendary mlb star three-speed Beltre announces retirement

On November 20th, Beijing time, at the League of 21 Seasons, Dezhou City, Aderian, Adrian Beltre, announced the retirement.

Beltre’s baseball road also dates back to 1994, he was signed by Los Angeles Daoqi, from Santo Doming. Just 4 years later, 1998 (that year is Mark Mucwire and Sammy Sosa), he boarded the big alliance, opened him. Great Alliance’s junction.

Although his achievements were not eye-catching in the first season, he had a great improvement in his performance of 20 years old, but also consolidated his stars in the next few years. In 2004, he was a single season, he played a 48-year-old group, the second place of the list of the famous team. In the seven seasons of him for the TD, he played a total of 147 strokes. He fought in the five seasons after the seda sailor, although he declined in the offensive end, but he won the gold glove twice.

In the 2010 season, he went to Boston socks, but he also wrote his career new chapter in this year: That season he played the most 49 second bases of the United States, his attack index also reached 0.919. With this manifestation, he also held a full star for the first time. At this time he was 31 years old. After the end of the season, he entered the free player market for the third time. This time he chose to sign a big contract for $ 80 million in 5 years from the Ganderey.

Beltre's kneel blow is also called one

Beltre’s kneel blow is also called one

Although he has never passed the full star before the age of 31, he was selected 4 times in the 9th year of his career. In the first 11 years of career, he has excellent defense. However, his hit three is only 0.270/0.325/0.453.2010, he has further improved the ability to fight the end, and the last 9 seasons have reached the three surroundings. 0.307 / 0.358 / 0.514 is supplemented to maintain the top level defense, he has become one of the most all-in-capacity players in the alliance.

Beltere, Beltre, the game, is also a living treasure, but also the

Beltere, Beltre, the game, is also a living treasure, but also the ”Da Xiu Dance Technology” for the angel team guerrilla.

In the 6 seasons of Beltre, he got a judicial agreement in the most valuable player selection; in 2011, he and the rider were only a number of people from the World Series Competition, a good ball, Finally, I wrapping the championship. In his 6 years of visitors, he had 4 times to kill the team in the playoffs.

After Beltre retired this season, his career hit three-frame set out of 0.286 / 0.339 / 0.480. As a big alliance player, his career has played a total of 3166, running back to 1524 points, hitting a point of 1707 points, and played 477 projector hits, 636 second bases, 38 three bases There are also 121 pirates success.

Beltre never allows others to touch his head, his teammates often use this and joking him.

Beltre never allows others to touch his head, his teammates often use this and joking him.

He is the only three-yielded three baseball played more than 3,000 security and 400 strokes in history. In addition to being selected, Beltre has also taken 4 silver bat awards, 5 gold gloves and 2 diamonds. Although some awards look like weight – especially gold gloves – his contribution to the defensive end is still obvious.

Since 2003, DRS (full DEFENESIVE RUNS SAVED) is introduced, and the results of Beltre are now leading the entire alliance. He is a total of 222 points for the team, and he is the first; the same is ranked second, he is only 184 points in Andrelton Simmons. There is also a considerable gap between the bench left by Beltere.

Beltre’s career total revenue was 200 million, and MLB fans also failed to witness the performance of this legend. From the victory contribution, Fangraphs believes that his career contributes 84 wins to the team, and Baseball-Reference thinks this data is as high as 95.7 wins. Such a result, fans are not difficult to foresee 5 years later he will naturally enter the famous Hall.

Attached: Beltre decommissioned statement

Beltre published a article in a personal media announced retirement

Beltre published a article in a personal media announced retirement

Translation: After careful consideration, I have made decisions. I am playing baseball in this life, I also like to play baseball, so I have turned to the opposite side before doing this.

Although I thank the baseball to give me everything that includes opportunity, but now I am ending my baseball career. From the age of 15, I enjoy a baseball player who became a profession. I am more fortunate to fight for 21 seasons in this highest baseball hall in the big alliance.

I would like to thank God for giving me this opportunity, and I also want to thank my great wife Sandra, thank you for your entire baseball career, I have unveiled unconditional love, support and understanding; I will thank me at the same time. Three children, Cass, AJ and Camilla. You are my pride; at the same time, I would also like to thank my parents and their love and support for me.

Similarly, I would also like to thank my broker Scott Boras, Mike Fiore, and the entire Polas Corp., you always believe in my talent. Standing behind me to support me. At the same time, I would also like to thank the Los Angeles Daoqi, Seattle Sailor, Boston Red Sox, especially the Delin Cavalry, many teammates, main coaches, assistant coaches and staff. In the past eight seasons, I was effective for the Great Cavalry, which is the most beautiful day in my career. Therefore, I have to thank the Ray Davis, Bob Simpson and Neil Leibman, General Manager Jon Daniels, Nolan Ryan and Don Welke, which have already passed away.

I would also like to thank the fans of the cavalry, and there is no support for your support. You guys are the best!

I must also thank Tommy Lasorda. When someone thinks that I can’t enter the league, he will take the big alliance from the children from the Dominican Republic. I always remember everything I did.

Finally, I have to pay all the fans in me – no matter what you are in the Dominican Republic, the United States is still in Latin America – expressing my most sincere gratitude, thank you for your support in my career. Although I will always cherish my aesthetic memories I have in the world’s greatest game, but I am also very happy that I am willing to be a full-time husband and father, accompanying family. I am ready to usher in a new page of my life.

How unforgettable this journey!


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