The last moment is overlooked by the raid! The jet is missing the eggs.

December 7 (Wen / ESPN RICH CIMINI Compile / Love) The New York Jet has only a few seconds in the season, but with the defensive group, the defensive group has been unnecessary gambling at the 46-ymy. – Heavy raid, the final raider quadruptions to Drik Carl Remember to find the first round of the new show, Henry-Lags III to complete the David, thus winning with 31-28.

After the end of the game, one of the captains of the jet, the main safety Swash Maucus Meil’s defensive coordinator Greg-Williams finally called his questions. ”I just feel that in that case we can make a better decision.” Meil ??said, although this sentence did not use very serious vocabulary, but he was in an interview in a reporter in 4 minutes and 30 seconds, said 8 Top it!

Williams, who is known to defensive aggressive, did not take the conventional defensive strategy of protecting the end zone and the edge, but used a high-end attack tactics in the three-speed attack of the other party’s life and death. In this tactic, there are 6 people in the defensive group deep into the box, and 8 people have raided, only three defensive guards will be paired; 2 people in these three defensive guards are new show, including missing This key defensive corner Wiramal-Jackson.

Although the name is the same as the crow’s MVP quarterfield, this decision of the decision of the University of Nebraska is not brilliant. He is completely complete in Rags III for 1 to 1 defenders. Open the body, when Carl’s pass is in place, Jackson has been opened with 2 yards. And if you can have a safe and defense, the least Lags II did not get the killing of the karaoke.

”I can’t believe that they will use heavy raid tactics.” Karl said, this game was 381 yards, including the team’s near-end Edge Darren – Warle’s 200 yard passed.

This failure is a devastating blow to the jet, which makes their records to 0 wins and 12 losses, and flattened the longest losing record of the team’s history. They played the best match this season, and they have already guarded four files at the fourth quarter, and they have been so close to victory. However, the offensive group did not complete the first attack. In the game, I also kicked the ball on the opponent when the game was left, so I had the last killing scene.

The jet player said that the closing room in the game is excited, Mei questioning the defensive strategy of the defensive coordinator Williams represents the will of most players, which also creates more chaos to the team.

”Our players are trying to work hard, so that we can’t experience everything this year.” The team coach Yadang-Gaz said, as the coach of the jet, he brought the team’s record has fallen to 7 wins and 21 negative, after this season It is likely to be fired by the team. Williams simply did not attend the conference. For this tactical arrangement, Glass explained that the purpose of tactics was to give Carl’s pressure, and called Williams ”is doing very well”; but obviously The explanation is not convincing.

The jet is only 2 times in the audience. It is done in the case of 4 people; but in the end, they will adopt them in the strategy of 8 people, and in this case Another external hand of the raid Nelson-Agrar also ran out of the neutral. ”You have long time in this alliance, and more less will see such a game.” Gates said, ”I don’t want to be this game, I know this.”

Jackson missed defenders did not find any excuses, nor did they blame anyone – except himself. ”I know that they may be directly challenged the array area. I started at the beginning, I was later retrans, and then divided, I knew that there was no safety guard to make up, and it is quite important to protect the front.” Jackson said, ” However, there is a very beautiful shake that outside, I am a bit, and his skill is quite agile, then get rid of my defense, just like this. I will not let this defense define my career. ”

But this defense is likely to let the jet completed the worst season of team history.

The quartz Sam Darnard expressed the disappointment of this game. He has doubled the ball to reach a squad, completed his best performance this season. ”This loss is really difficult to understand.” The team runs to Thai-John Johnson’s top for injured, Frank Gore, 104 yards, this is also the first single field of the season. The Guardou has a performance of the 100 yards. ”This loss is heartbroken.” Johnson said.

Indeed, this game is the best opportunity to break the losing streak. In addition to the last minute of the 9th week, in the last minute of this season, most of them were caught early. ”We should win.” Darnod said, ”This year, we have no chance to make a few games. In such a game, we should win in this way, defending this way, these buddies are more hurt.”