The legend of the legend is over, the king of the king, the king, waved, leaving the baseball.

Japan Tokyo, the MLB in the 2019 season has just ended. The new Zuo Xichi Yangxiang completed his big league first show in front of his hometown, 4.2 bureaus 1 points, 3 times, although not got a winning investment, it is also a bad transcript.

However, Chrykech is very clear that he is not the biggest concern on the court. In fact, from yesterday, the camera’s camera has been staring at one person in shooting, whether he is in the right field, a housing package, or in a hitting box or even a seating area.

He is Suzuki.

The 45-year-old veteran was exposed by the Japanese media. Today, the MLB regular season held in Tokyo Juji is his bid war, and MLB officially confirmed this in the game will be the last battle of Suzuki. Since 1992, the NPB started to start at the beginning of the NPB, and Yeng was already in the duty stand for 27 years. In these 27 years, he wrote countless legendary and record, finally, this journey ushered in his hometown.

Said that it is necessary to hit the five-year-old idols.

In fact, it has experienced a round of ”quasi” retired. Before the start of the season, he couldn’t find the team. Finally, because the Seattle sailor faces the tide of injuries, the outer country is missing, and one has the opportunity to continue with the old people. On the press conference, I said to the media: ”You always say that I want to hit 50 years old, here I correct it, not hit 50 years old (retired), but at least 50 years old!”

In the game, on March 31, 2018, I staged a shock, and the home base of Jose-Ramires was played. One time was considered, and the high jumbled on the top of the boundary wall. The audience has joined the audience, this competition video is also crazy on the same day, causing numerous comments.

Regrettably, this old man’s bright performance is here, and only hit 9 security in 47 people, and there are three guarantees, which does not match the ”Anwind Manufacturing Machine” in the year. Herfi name. As the wounded soldiers in the sailor lineup gradually returned, Yandong withdrew from the team’s list, accompanied the team with a special consultant.

At that time, most people naturally thought that the big big profit of the big profit is here. From the official website to all roads, ”Thanks” and ”Goodbye” themes will be published. However, Lane always insisted that he did not formally retiring, and repeatedly stressed that he would find a chance to return to the stadium.

Earlier this year, Yeng’s ”One Cup” children’s soft baseball match held in Hishan, Aichi Prefecture, Fengshan-machi, Aichi Prefecture: ”I hope to be in Japan and you, so please stay in Japan. ”. In this regard, the response is no vague: ”I think I will not stay in Japan … You are 12 years old this year, then you have to be 6 years later … but I am looking forward to handing forward in the United States and you. If you have been in the United States for 6 years, I am 51 years old. I originally want to hit 50 years old, now I will add 1 year old, 51 this number is good, I will do my best to hit the age! ”

However, only two months later, the one never got lost, I want to hit the 50-year-old and even a long time, the service is old.

The King of the World of Antizabo is destined to have a place in his seat.

LANGRE NPB period hits 1278 security hits in 9 seasons, and the MLB period hits 3089 support, and 4367 is an anattical record of the world professional baseball.

In 2001, he as the first Asian wilder of the big league. Yeng’s performance shocked the birthplace of the baseball. As a first one, led the sailor to get a record 116 wins, individuals won the newcomers and MVP two awards . In 2004, he hit 262 security and smashed the 84-year-old Union record. In 2007, he got all-star MVP in the first field home base in the history of all-star competition. From 2001 to 2010, every year, he can select a full star and hit 200 security. It is also another record for ten consecutive years. It has been sleeping for more than a hundred years before he.

It is also known for the defense, and April 11, 2001, Yerlang completed a right foreign country in his career, and smashed the three bases, running, bending over, taking the ball. Step, twisted, slammed, one gas, a laser electro-light straight radiant, before the runner Tailus-Long’s foot contact, he joined the ball from the nearest perspective into the glove of the three base. From 2001 to 2010, he won ten gold gloves in a row, and the entire alliance history of this point can be done.

He is also brilliant, and the first season uses 56 pirates with 56 pirates, and then more than 40 pirates for more than 7 consecutive seasons. Ninja General avoidance technology makes countless caught who want to block his score can only see him patted dust, and raise.

On the international competition, I left two of the two-ink heavy color. In 2006, the 2nd WBC World Baseball Classic Tournament in 2006, the Japanese team led by the Japanese team realized the Lenten. Especially in 2009, the WBC finals, one Long in the ten games became the eternal moment in the minds of the Japanese nationals.

It is not very good at MLB, and the career golden period is accompanied by the sailors in the indulgence. A total of only two playoffs, all in the United States final, and even failed to enter the World Competition. This has to be a regret for his brilliant career, which is likely to be the reason why he is delayed. However, there is no doubt that before deciding to leave, it is already a recognized celebrity hall, lacking a ring does not affect his great position.

Later, the old will no longer hit the play again.

In 2019, Yeng and sailor signed a small alliance contract, and one team participated in the team’s spring training, but he was not stateful, his behave was poor, and only the two of the districts. One is very clear, with his content in the spring training, it does not enter 25 people. However, I don’t know if the big alliance is interested in arranging him. This time, the unveiled series, sailors and Auckland sportsists are allowed to have a list of 28 people.

On the other hand, the sailor has experienced the restructuring in the winter break, almost all the combat players are emptied, and the general manager Jerry Dipoto plans to rebuild, so the sailor does not want to seek unsupport this season. In addition, there is an extra list space, Dadoto announced that it will lead Tokyo to the Tokyo.

Whether it is in the Communication War between Tokyo and the NPB team, or the first game of the series, one has gained a full chance. He also has some good play in the defensive end, especially in the game of the Selling Giants, there is a three-running three-base, which makes it a laser shoulder of his year. It is just that ”another one” will not appear. 45 years old, really old.

Finally, the second game of the series, I made a negative decision. As long as you can stick to it, one will not give up, but on the other hand, as a life-saving player, you can’t tolerate your own level.

This farewell war is also his congeny, and the large alliance of Zuosjichi, which is newly joined sailor. Lands sitting in the top right of the top of the country, in the first, fourth and five games, especially the fifth game, one in front of the ball to lock the ball, and the exact running position is quite straight in the ball.

Just, the audience is more concerned about whether the audience is more concerned about whether the audience is more concerned than the score between the pitch of Chrysanthemum. In particular, the game was carried out from the five games. When the news of the player’s career final war, the heart of Tokyo Dome 46,000 viewers was hanged. Whenever I go from the rest area to the preparation area, the audience has taken out the mobile phone and hopes to record this historic moment.

If it is a lot of 2001, in 2009, even if it is no fixed position in 2016, it is expected that it is expected in four attack opportunities. However, it is 45 years old. He is old, and he also knows himself. If it is not because of this, he will never decide to retreat.

On the second game, the three-standby flying ball out

On the four games, rolling out of the bureau

On the seven games, the Zhenzheng

On the eight games, the guerrillas rolled out

This is the last scoreboard lasting.

Vocational sports is so cruel, no matter how glorious in the past, as long as you no longer have such ability, you will be eliminated. Once, it’s time to say goodbye.

Cheers and tears are calm, farewell to the final moment of the legendary

When I changed the border, I took the glove to ran to the right front of him, and the Chinese and foreign wilderness Miqi-Hanig passed the ball. But at this time, the sailor coach Scott Serbs Serbis is in the field, making a decision of the replacement.

It has been waiting for this moment. He slowly walked to the home base. From time to time, he ran two steps and gave his hand in the two sides of the audience. Tokyo Juji Mountain. Such a road was in 27 years. Every time I finally put, I was in the game. He was very familiar and very habit.

But today he is the final time like this, the team members are waiting for him, hug, hug, cold, and hug. During the Malin Fish, Di-Gordon and Chrysanthemum did not stop the tears. Getting more than 20 years of celebrities superstar small Ken – Ge Riffe is also waiting for him in the seating area, a long hug.

Of course, there are tens of thousands of live fans, as well as those in front of countless TV. Many people in them know more than a dozen, more than 20 years, some people look at a long adult from the child, some people have a two-white hair. Today they witnessed the greatest legend in this Asian baseball history say goodbye to his player career.

One is very easy, maybe he has to accept this more calm than anyone. The sailor won the game in the extended bureau, so like 3604 games in the past 27 years, we celebrate the victory with teammates and share joy.

It belongs to his era, but his baseball soul will continue. Juchi Xiongt, Da Guxiang, and other Japan who are fighting, asian players will continue to write new chapters in the historical long scrolls of his pioneering.