The male defensive group is also a lemon? After the game: We restrict the super bowl MVP

The new England patriots Julian – Edelman cut the 141 yard in the 53rd super bowl, won the Super Bowl MVP. Edelman’s performance is obvious, many people get the MVP awards. Of course, there are so some people are full of envy and hate, and the ram is defeated by Edelman. The star players of the ram – Su-this is like this. After 13-3, after the patriots, the strong man said that his team actually blocked Edelman.

After the Super Bowl, Endam Kong-Su Erman won the Super Bowl MVP disdain, he felt that the ram has completely restricted each other and has played a lot of beautiful defensive performance. ”He is an elite grade player, playing is full of strength. In the first half and the third quarter, he found the vulnerabilities in our defensive, and grasping the opportunity. But in my opinion, even if I think He got some code, but in fact, we still restricted him, did not let him get what score, and created a lot of opportunities for our offensive group. ”

Endam hole – Soviet statement is very strange, if the Los Angeles ram restricts Edelman, will definitely not let him catch up to 10 times. It is obviously a more successful defense against the Ranger than the Ranger’s defense against Erman.

Therefore, Namy, Su-Su may have some illusions, perhaps he regards 0 Clee 15, Chris Hogan as Edelman. Alternatively, Su may feel that Endlman only completed a 13-yard ball in the fourth section, and in the fourth quarter of the Patriot, Edrman did not make any ball, so Su I will say that the ram is ”blocked” Erman.

But in any case, the ram did not really defend Edrman, which became the seventh harvest super bowl MVP in the super bowl. To know that before Edelman, the last time I took the super bowl of MVP, I would like to date the Pittsburgh steelman Santano-Homs.

So, when everyone recognizes Edrman’s achievements on this super bowl, look back at the comment of Endham Kong – Su-Su, we can only feel full of sore. However, we can also understand the mood of Su, after all, the Los Angeles rave is only a step away from the championship. The feelings of the champion will be very painful. There is no way.

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