The MLB partition battle bureau is nervous, the audience can’t see the Warriors, the doubtful mouth is dissatisfied.

On October 8, Beijing time, the Guest MLB in the country of the country, the Atlanta Warriors took 6-5 victory, Los Angeles Daoqi. Dodge Chinese and foreign wilder CD-Belinjan first is the beginning of the leader, so that the low-level mistakes are made, so I don’t hesitate to kill it as my name. The 5th stick Matt-Camp is directly implied. Warriors have helped Max – Fried, suspected of exploding, unity, but cowshouses played back to the superflilators and pinched the funny interaction of the turning latch and pinch the nose, and the true love powder aunt and uncle were more nervous. It dares to look at the ear.

Beilin Jie Shen Shen completed redemption

Warriors 7th stick Ozi – Albes and Dodge China and foreign wilder CD-Berlinji Ke said to be a family of attack and defensive, starting at the second half of the second bureau to set up two or three bases. In fact, Dodge This situation is not because Albes hits more, but Beilinjan is busy after the accurate positioning, the result is due to not focusing, causing the ball to surprise. However, the Dodge first made a pitcher Walker-Bille and the formation of the formation, and the mismatched coach couldn’t
help but feel the temper.

Cody – Berlinjan finally welcomed the chance of being famous in the second half of the 4th game, and Ozi Albis solidly strikes the high flying ball close to the position of the exterior. I saw Cody-Belinjan all the way, did not hesitate to hit the wall, Gao Yue, which was killed, and he also ushered in the cheering of the on-site iron powder. However, Cody-Beilinjie’s performance is not ideal, especially in the second half of the 8th game, was wasting the opportunity to be discouraged by AJ-Mingtel Sanzhen, which in the host promotes it. It is very likely that it is guaranteed.

Warriors have a pitcher suspected

Max Fried was debuted in the first half of the 5th game, originated from the last pitcher Kevin Gantoman by Chris Taylor, 2, forcibly processed nearly 4-5. However, Fried is committed to Maxi, the committee, is also the same as the Yangchun cannon and then 1 point is chased. Even the warrior is struggling to climb the outer wall extremely to stretch the body and arm, and only Look at the baseball fly out of the field. Fried is obviously very dissatisfied with his own ball, facing the lens with gloves to obscure the crude mouth.

Camp’s radical hits hit the bell

Dodge 5th stick Matt-Camp in the 6th game for the Warriors changed to the Warriors – Tucsen, first of all, tapping the second base to beat and using Cody-Beilinjack to move into the three-stroke. However, Matt-Camp uses Enrique-Ernandez to attack the shock home base, although the front movement is comparable to the textbook is quite exciting, even because the inertia directly hits the Warrior Catlee Tip clear, I only see these two big The league player hit the horse, and it is not a case where there is an unexpected injury.

True love powder closes your eyes, I don’t dare to see

The Warriors temporarily lead the road in the 8th game, the active replacement AJ-Manta is the risk of constant, first of all, the four bad balls will be sent to Bryan-Dozale, and multiple success Avoid being stolen, but it is an unexpected Dormy to the second base. At the time, the game was tense? After all, it is involved whether the warrior can retain the key ball for the promotion hopes. I saw a hair of the fucking fans and closed the eyes, and the other uncle iron powder was also eye-catching with a refueling props.

Cowhed lock throat pinch nose funny interaction

The Warriors were originally in the second half of the second bureau to ensure the 5-0 leading advantages, but in the third bureau, he was tapping the second base for the second base, and the 5th game was brought out. 2 Fields and Yangchun cannon are packed 5-5, so in the second half of Freddy-Fremown 6th, half back to Jingyang Spring cannon gets superior. This allows the Warriors’ s dry shed, and the teammates play the funny interaction between the teammates and pinch the nose. The fans are in the premise of the venue, while opening the phone to create a atmosphere of starlight.