The National Federation Championship National Pitcher has changed three swordsmen or only responsible for the first mission.

On October 12, Beijing time, the MLB National Union Championship kicked off. Washington National Coach Dave Martinez, has been crazy to schedule our ace first round value, but when the Champions in the National Union, he is not willing to send Marx – Max Scherzer, Stephen – Stephen Strasburg and Patrick Corbin relay on the field.

Tomorrow’s first arrival, Xie Zer said before the series of scenes, he expected that he would not relay it in the event.

Xie Zer said: ”The National Union Championship is a seven series of series. Our troops are more like a regular season. Unless you don’t have a first round value, you will be difficult to start from the cowshed. So For me, most likely the second battle first, then wait for my next round value. ”

This year, Xie Zer is a busy person during the playoffs, first cast a 77th ball in the National Owowki card, and then in the national affiliate partitioned series, the second battle of Los Angeles Daoqi relay on the three-vibrating semi-bureau. The fourth war, he won the victory of the main investment 7 bureau, and his pitch is 109 goals.

When the National – Dodge series of life and death war, Xie Zer was touched by Martinnes into the cowshed.

Xie Zer said that in the playoffs, the mission is too heavy to cause his elbows, and even flying toward Los Angeles, it also faintly feels vague, but Xie Zer said that he felt a lot after he was short-passed before the game.

”When I
started to pass the ball, I felt a bad state,” Xie Zer said, ”When I poured, I mainly cared about the elbow, shoulder and the back of the signal, but unexpected is the body. It feels good. ”

Xie Zer is like a regular season, and then tomorrow is the same as it will be in the store. Anibal Sanchez will be in the first battle, Strasberg is the first pitcher in the third battle of the national.

”Genius Small History” Strasberg is relatively relaxation in the National Owner’s card, and then in the second and fifth game of the partition series. Zuo Dou Kordbin is a three-time trip to only 57 goals, so he is very likely that the national fourth battle of the first firing.

The national first three sword passengers Xie Zer and Strasberg also have Corbin ranked 1-3-4 digits in the national association’s self-discipline. At the same time, the national cow shed’s self-blade is the worst in all season teams.

On the eve of the National Union Championship, the national cowshed temporarily, the ultimate person Daniel Hudson was born because of his wife, please leave a day.

The national coach Martinens was laughed at the time of being asked by Xie Zel. possibility.

Martinez said: ”I agree with Xie Zer’s ideas, we must let the first three giants do their job, especially the first few games. But after that, everything can happen. But I am very happy. Zel wants to invest in the second game, we are preparing for the second game. ”