The National Team 15 years will face the retirement Zimmelman to change to play Golf?

The Based on the Washington National Team, Rui’an, Zimmerman, found himself a three-way intersection of life. The 2020 new season still continued to play with the defending champion National Team, or he said with the baseball.

Zi Merman said in the reporter when he participated in the National Team won the documentary release, his goal was clear. If it was not left in the National Team to continue playing baseball, he will change to play golf.

The 35-year-old Zimmerman is the first new show that the National Team has signed from Montreal from Montreal (the first round of the first round of the 2005) and the only effectiveness of 15 seasons. Player.

For Zi Merman, the Washington National Team did not use the 2020 season of 18 million in team options but a contract with $ 2 million. In other words, Zimmerman officially became a free player, but he still wanted to stay in the Washington National Team in his heart.

Zimmerman is not very worried about the future, he feels that he will have a chance to have a leading edge with the National Team.

Zi Merman has earned more than $ 125 million in salary of more than $ 125 million in his career. He said that a friend joked with him and let him apply for unemployment benefits.

Zi Merman in the 2019 season was only played by 52 routine events because of injuries. The hits. 257 and 6 strokes and 27 points. In the playoffs, he hurts again, and the final 13 games will eventually defeat the Houston Space team in the World Competition, won the first champion since 1924.

Mike, General Manager, Washington, said in the opening ceremony of the championship documentary: ”Our mood is very excited, and it is also a hundredweight beer to drink tall”, and he does not want to mention the specific arrangements of the 2020 season. For everyone pays attention to the heavy free players Stephen Strusberg and Anthony – Lunden, he has talked with their brokers, but it did not contact the players. He said that he has been in the past 10 years. They know each other’s minds.

The Washington National Team has avoided arbitration, with inheri-Wilda-Di Fup to a 1 year of $ 1 million contracts, and the contract with the right Hunter Strikland 1 year, Strikland It can also get the most $ 600,000 bonuses according to the performance of the performance. The National Team also gave the guerrilla Trü Turner, right voted-Rose, the owner, Taylor and Zuo Nis-Ilias proposed a contract, but did not have the right Harvei-Gla. 26-year-old
Right Capida – Koluof announced that after the series of injuries, I announced that I will retire at the age of 26. He only cast 55.1 bureau record 3-4 in the 2019 season. The rescue opportunity has 9 rescue success.