The originating player wants to collectively, Chinese football face is swollen: paying attention to the development of self-sufficiency

China National Football Wars Pei Aman, only 4 points in five in the 12th game, from the current trend Finish. On the other hand, since the Guangzhou team is getting more serious, several Brazilian naturalized players are also brewing ”rebellion” – this is a heavy blow to Chinese football.

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According to the domestic media, the Guangzhou team has arrears the salary for two months, so several Brazilian naturalized players in the team have decided not to participate in the next stage of the superchard competition, essentially it is ”strike”. On the other hand, Gaott has already filed an application for the application and returning the family back to Brazil, and Luo Guofu, Alan and Axson, is also very likely to return to Brazil directly after the end of the World Preliminaries in Australia.

In fact, according to the current news, Luo Guofeng, Alan and Axson are not returning to the country, but directly back to Brazil, this is not ”extremely likely”, but the staples are already on the plate. Chelsea JerseyDue to the Guangzhou team finance collapse, the first-saving retribution player first is damaged, so the Football Association actually knows their movements, but it is powerless.

For the national football, these naturalized players returned to Brazil after the end of the preliminaries, basically means a collective ”rebellion”. First, in accordance with the current immigration restrictions, after returning to Brazil, it is likely to ”go back” like Polygonio, Augusto and others.

Second, the Guangzhou team is unable to pay the huge annual salary of the naturalized player, and there is no other club, and the financial share plan proposed by the Football Association will not meet the requirements of these players. In the winter transfer window, if these players join China Outside the club, then the national football should want to recruit them for training, and the possibility is basically 0. Therefore, the next round of Australia is probably the performance of these naturalized players.

It is understood that Galat is about 15 million euros in Guangzhou, and Extra 10 million euros, Luo Guofu is approximately 5 million euros. Alan’s annual salary has no specific number, but at least higher than Luo Guifu. This money passed by the Guangzhou team, but now, it has become the most direct cause of the originating player left China.

It is foreseeable that the Chinese Football Association, even in Chinese football, in the next time, it is about to face a serious ”public relations crisis” caused by the time of originating players, if these players will pay to FIFA The problem raises a complaint, and the face of Chinese football will happen.

Take care of the law of football development, only want ”corner overtaking”, under the thinking of ”national place”, the professional league is Manchester United Jersey stopped, and the player is hired by unrealistic high-pay employment. Chinese football, how many jokes have to be left? This ”slap”, I don’t know if I can wake up Chinese football high-level.

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