The Patriot Dynasty is still under the rule of the Alliance, which is the miracle of the Patriots?

One year year, we can always see a familiar figure in the super bowl – New England Patriots. Since 2001, Tom Braddy and Bill Bilchk seem to have been flying on the victory of Kangzhuang Avenue. The overtime defeated the Chief of Kansas City, and the patriot was first entered into the superbit in the sixth person (4th season in the past five seasons). They have won the 5th Lombardy awards together, and now I am going towards the sixth super bowl.

The success of Bilipk and Braddy is unpackable, but the New Orleans Saint Sean-Pedton and Dru-Bris, Pittsburgh Steelman Mike Tomstan and Ben-Rodris, these The partner has also worked at least 10 years. But there is no one in these two quarters, and there is no doubt that they are all in their career. The next super bowl, the patriot will face the new partner of Shawn Mc Wei, Garied Gaol, according to the performance of the ram in the past two seasons, which seems to be quite bright in the future of Los Angeles.

Who will become the next Bilipk and Braddy? The NFL official website lists 6-to-arter, let’s take a look!

Seattle Hawks: Pitt – Carol Laser – Wilson

It may be difficult to imagine Carol and Wilson have worked together for seven seasons. These seven seasays seem to happen yesterday: Wilson handed the ball to Ma Shaun, Wilson, and the latter easily passed the defense; the bombing army is still, Richard Sherman completed the CD Eutcoming to reach. Now, the 30-year-old Wilson legs still creates a threat, and he is also very fatal in the pocket and can pass the precise threat ball. It can be said that the current Wilson is more glare than the past of the Hawks in the past, Carol is only used for half a year, and it is difficult to imagine that the Hawks will decreve in a short period of time. In addition, Carol’s passion, and active relationship with management, players, let us believe he can continue to coach the Hawks.

Los Angeles Rascar: Sean McDearride – Gaoff

This week, Mike Wei is full of 33, and he will become the youngest coach in the history of superbals. Mac Wei can get this year’s achievements because he has the ability to create an excellent offensive system for the team and lead to the dressing room. Mike Wei is discovers the advantages and disadvantages of the opponent, then attacks the shortcomings of the opponent with tactics you are familiar with. Although Mike’s offensive attributes are in the number of alliances, he is not afraid of defending Wade Phillips’s defense (just like Billych).

In the two years of Mike Toned the ram, Jarid Gaoff made a thoroughly transformation from all levels. He looks like that is like the copy of the CD in the 2016 season, there are only 63.6% of the parallelism of the hit rate. Gaoff has been selected for the second consecutive year, and the transformation is completed in a fierce environment. Last week’s national contest, Gaofu led the team to pull the tide in the case of two digits, and finally the key to the team. After the Kan, who has been in 2016, the young quadrant has a very toughness, and it has the ability to pick the team. This strong will and performance tell us that Gaofu is getting more stable. Perhaps his career is not easy to be smooth, but at least it is very good. At this point, Gaofu and Elays Manning are very similar.

Finally, according to statistics, Gaoff is one of the most precise four-point guards from the profound distance. In the season, 50 yards of the 20-yard pass, the high-defense hit rate is ranked third, lagging behind Russel Wilson and Baker – Melfield. Anyone can complete the short biography or pass the ball, but the real outstanding quarter-off must have far-reaching skills, and Gao Fu did under Mike’s leadership.

Kansas City Chief: Andy Reed Patrick – Mahumus

Last week, we discussed why Reid is always a bad reason in the competition, but it is certain that he has an excellent quadruple, which can always fill other locations by sharing. pit. Reed’s creativity and ability to build offensive have never been a problem. From the 1990s, he trails when the Green Bay packaging works in Green Bay Pretefad, Fair Dang Shu Dang. Patrick Maxums is the Mi Mirami in the hands of Ridders. This talent is different, and even the first year, you can take a four-point guard with some famous Hall of Hall, and his appearance leads the league attack trend. The whole season cuts 5097 codes and 50 Dalsets, 113.8 Passage Rating in MVP candidates a few of the other people. Under the leadership of Mahms, the Chief Field got 35.3 (alliance first). Tiantao’s air pass, flexible legs and strong arms, Mahms’ talents can not see the upper limit.

Indianapolis Tima: Frank Rich Andrew – Ruck

Author David-Carl-Carl was in 2007, and Carl is still playing in the Carolina Black Panther. Rich is a passionate inspirational speaker, he has a rich football knowledge (once in NFL effectiveness), smart brain and leadership capabilities, you can direct a house of youth to send a maximum skill. We did not feel surprised by his first year of head and leading the pony, but when you consider this season’s universal expectation of the pony, Rich can turn over the wind in 1-5, led the team to enter the season. There is still a certain incredible next game. Since Tuck enters the Alliance, he has proven that he is healthy and is definitely the top quadruption of the entire NFL. Rich, Ruck plus one of the best managers in 2018, Chris Brad (reorganizing the most weak offensive front line over the past few years), so pony will continue to rule Mei Liannan District in the next six or seven years. .

Auckland raid: Joe-Grunette Derk Carl

The first thing to be determined is that Groad is signed a 10-year super long. Although the two are unhappy at the last season, even from the rumors to sell Carl, this does not hinder their future successes. Seriously, Grunette has suffered considerable pressure in the 2018 season. Although the raid people have experienced a tough season, the team still has highlights. Groad and Carl don’t have to be the best friend, but you must respect each other (just like Billyck and Braddy), they are indeed this. Grunette believes that Carl has the ability to support the attack of the raid, and Carl also has the ability to give him a burden of Ground. Here, it will become hindered whether the genius player who can find other positions in the future.

San Francisco 49: Kyle Salunam Jimmy – Galloolo

Kyle Salunam is one of the best tactical callors of the Alliance, and each of them has great improvements. Gallopolo was originally an excellent four-point guard. After a few years after studying in Tom Brad, Having other players did not have the innate advantages. Gallopolo movement ability, he danced in the pocket, strong mobile capabilities, and meticulous. We can give Gallowlolo’s biggest praise is Breddy’s spicy and Rogers’s pocket movement. He always adjusts the body to the best state before the center. However, Galloolo is not so amazing before the injury in 2018, he must be more suitable for the Sananhan system.