The patriot is in a miserable epidemic! Newton, the apex angle Gilmore and the new crown

October 8 (Wen / ESPN Mike Reiss Compilation / Love Bao) New England Patriot In the fourth week’s focus, the battle failed to hold the emirate offensive to lose the game, because the main force quartz Samm-Newton The absence has caused the weak attack; however, they seem to have to face more cruel hits! After the Newton infected new crown viruses, the latest nucleic acid test results of another important player of the team were also positive, and this player is their ace angle Will Stephen-Gilmore!

The source confirmed this news to ESPN. Gilmoor also said that he did not have a symptom in social media, and he urged people to treat the epidemic carefully and grateful to those who expressed support to him. The patriot has also canceled the last two days of training, which reported that they closed all the training matters in the Gilletu court, except for important personnel, they have to completely treat epidemic prevention related work.

Gilmoor is also included in the team’s new crown injury preparation list, the defensive cuts in the four-point Baion and training lineup, Murray also in this list. However, the player who is selected for the new crown injury preparatory list does not mean that the nucleic acid detection results must be positive, and if it is the close contact person of the infected person, it can be included in this list; but obviously Gilmoor is not here.

Gilmoor is crucial for patriots defensive! His role is not only the honor of the best defensive players last season. The patriot depends on the second-line defense is because his existence is, it affects the whole team, in order to make it passive; if it is Gilmoor lack, take a mess. Even this week, he also had a good performance in the game.

Perhaps Gilmoor’s tricks will be quite worried about the previous opponents, but it is also very good to be negative. It seems to be more worried about this or patriot, if it is just Gilmoor infection, if the epidemic is once again expanded, they will also face the dilemma of Titan. According to reports, the team sent two aircraft to the road before the game, and one plane was closely related to Newton, while the other is other members.

Gilmoor belongs to the front, which means that his infection is just a start.

On Wednesday, Newton continued to emphasize the importance of wearing masks and maintaining social distances, and Gilmore has also talked about Newton’s absence to the team’s changes. ”Many tests we have to go to experience, we have to do a lot of adjustments, we have completed the game, we have made the biggest efforts, although the results are not ideal.” Gilmo said.

Now, the other teammates who are forwarded by the patriot have been speaking, according to the original schedule, the team will welcome the Dan Buddha wild horse at 4:25 in Beijing time, but the epidemic is currently, the game can not arrive as scheduled, but also This week’s confirmed cases.