The patriot is interested in Weijing people killer, he can fill Gronard flight

The new England patriots have been very busy in this break. There are too many caves that the team must make up. So far they have not found Alternatives. But sometimes it is so clever, the patriot wants a strong neighborhood, and Minnesota Weijing seems to talk to Kyle Rudolph. It is reported that the patriot has been in contact with Vijing, discussing the possibility of investing in Rudolph.

Rudolph is about to enter the last year of the contract, the basic salary reaches $ 7.2 million. If you count a bonus, he will get about $ 7.6 million, which makes him become the fifth high-end offensive group player in the team. The Wi-Beijing current salary is only $ 8054 left, and it is the least alliance. Many people guess guessing Viking may cut Rudolph, reducing the impact on the wage. Of course, if you can complete the transaction, then it’s better, they can receive some returns from the neighborhood of the two occupational bowls.

Although Viking and Rudolph have been actively discussing renewal to reduce the impact on the wage in the next season, negotiations broke on May 10. Viking hopes that this old will pay the salary, but he was rejected by Rudolph. ”No, I don’t accept it, I am still very young, I can’t do it.” Lu Dolph said. In this way, the direct competitor of the patriot is more nervous, and Viking is likely to send a low price to Rudolph, and the patriot is the best place for the latter.

The patriot is very good at launching the old people from the alliance in low prices, and playing the value of these people to maximize the value before they leave. The left disappearance of 49 people in San Francisco is the best example. . We don’t know if the patriots really want to introduce Rudolph, but they have achieved contact with Viking people. Lu Dolph seems to be very suitable for the patriot’s offensive system, although he can’t completely replace Greorlon, but he is still a high yield Red District murder.

Soon I had to be 30 years old Rudolph has not lacking the game since the 2014 season and has not been too big to decline in his performance in recent years. At last season, he completed 64 pieces of ball to get 634 yards 4 times. Since the second round of the show in 2011, the number of Rudolph’s buses reached the number (41 times) Rank 10th, the number of balls (386 times) ranked 10th, the number of ball codes (3787 yard) ranked 12th.

The patriot has been studying a variety of plans, and trying to get a good close-end strike. If the Viking people insist on trading Rudolph, then the patriot will certainly not miss. It can be sure that as the top nearby close-end, Rudolph is definitely a baptism in the market.