The price rose 12 million! Net new aid cut 23 + 7 remembered 3 points, Adu Shengzan: It is very luxurious with him.

The Nets Games defeated the opponent at 124-104, ushered in 4 consecutive victories, but also continued to reach the east of the east with 14 wins and 5 negative records, and the second hot team opened two gaps. This game, Nash made a variation of array, Al derridge topped Griffin first, the team’s attack is completely activated, and Mills is even more found in 3 points, and the opening of 3 consecutive 3 points Start and stop, lay a tone for the competition! Mills’ excellent performance has also become an important hero that can win in this game team.

Mills started 33 minutes, the offensive end 12 shots 8, three points 10 in 7, cut 23 points 1 rebound 2 assists, the full-scale positive and negative value reached +20. In the whole audience, 7 remember 3 points, once again used the 3-pointer of yourself,
it provides a huge support for the team’s offensive. After Johris injured, Mills replaced him for his debut, the past 4 games, 3 games exceeded 20 points, becoming one of Durant and Harden’s most striking attack helper. After this competition, Mills’ excellent performance was also praised.

The head coach Nash said when he was talking about Mills’ performance: ”His performance is incredible, all of them play an important role in the whole season, there are many contributions, let us become better.”

Indeed, after the Owen Talk, Jordan in the International Square of Mills became a refreshment to fill an important puzzle that the Owen offensive end. If there is no Mills to come forward, the Net is difficult to get the east at this time. The record. And the Net of Durant also won the words of this new aid after the game.

Durant said: ”He is always ready, we have given him a lot of balls, can play with him is a luxury.” As one of the top stars in the alliance, Durant’s offense is almost unpubable. But Mills’ performances still conquer him, even as a luxury, using the word ”luxury” to describe the importance of Mills, which is undoubtedly a highly recognized. It is worth mentioning that the two represent the respective national teams to fight the Tokyo Olympic Games. After the awarding session, Durant also took a close photo with Mills’ new teammates, showing their expectations for the new season.

Today, Milles is like another giant of the Nets. He is with the excellent performance of the two of Aldridge, greatly eased the offensive pressure of Durant and Harden, so that the basket network is scheduled. This sign is especially critical. Prior to this game, US media Profitx an assessment of Mills’s market value, and now Mills’s market value is as high as $ 17.8 million, far exceeding the contract value of his new season. This season, Mills’s contract is only $ 5.8 million, which is aesthetic. After he continues to play out a good performance, his market price has risen 12 million than
his contract value!