The San Francisco 49 people were again hitting the main running Weaving McKinnarn training in cross ligament torn

In the US local time, Saturday, in the training of the day, San Francisco 49 people team running Jerik McKinnon suffered a quarantine of the former cross ligament torn, and the 49 team off-attack group was again hit.

Last season, McKinnon showed his powerful ball capacity during the Treatment of the Minnesota Vacation. He is always good, it will be the main weapon in the San Francisco regular season. In March this year, McKinno has just signed a contract with a 49th team, a contract worth 30 million US dollars.

After the end of the training on Saturday, the 49th team of coach Kyle Saluna description describes the injuries of McKinnon.

Salina Hand said: ”He is injured when running. That is the last attack and defense round of training today. At that time, he did not have physical contact with anyone. After changing, he fell on the court. All action It looks a little more than one point. ”

Since the training camp of this season, the 49 people’s running guards have encountered a large-scale invasion of injuries.

In fact, McKinnon has already been affected by other injuries. The 26-year-old running guard has just recovered from the muscle strain of the calf.

Salino Harbed to the reporter: ”Today is the first day we allow him to work with the team. On the day of the season, he only conducted a simple running training, as well as non-confrontation activities. Today is his Restore training, 11 hit 11 simulation training. ”

At the same time in McKinnon injured, the 49 people team running Weimat-Brunda is still in the injury of shoulders. Since the team has been cut off the running Wiram McNikols, (small) Jeff Wilson

And Joe-Williams. Therefore, Alfred Morris will pick up the banner of 49 people’s grounds at the beginning of the season.

San Francisco will open the team’s new season from September 9th.


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