The sea eagle outside the leased home is rejected because the landlord feels too good.

The Seattle Hawie will take a lifetime of Taylor-Rocket travel. (Hey, this is not nonsense!) This 26-year-old player has just signed a contract worth 37.8 million in the previous year, and is currently about to enter the second year. However, recently, Locke-lenate house was rejected, and the reason for the rejected reminded made people laugh.

Taking advantage of the team’s official training camp yet, Locket decided to grab a small tail of the holiday, he didn’t want to stay in the hotel, but hoped to rent a small home through Airbnb. Airbnb is a travel housing rental community, and users can release, search for holiday housing rental information, and complete online predetermined procedures over the network or mobile app. However, in the first week of Lockte, he canceled his order in the landlord in the Airbnb rent, because Rockte is famous, too powerful. In other words, it is to think that this small temple capacity does not look down on Locket.

”I booked a house in Airbnb, but the landlord doubt why I chose their home. Then they think that my conditions are too good, so I will cancel my order.” Rockte said in Tiant: ”We have a week. I set out @airbnb, you have to be responsible for me to find the next house, the original house is rejected, we may really have to live in the hotel. ”

Due to a variety of reasons, Locket did not say too thin, in short, because a ”unusual” reason was refused to settle. The encounter of Rocket also caused Arizona Rushtar Run David Johnson’s attention. He said that he is planning to use airbnb, now consider it. ”I want to study this app, hahahaha (smile cry)”

Fortunately, after a few hours, Locket got in contact with Airbnb, and the company also helped Lockte to solve the problem, and found another satisfactory residence. ”Thank @airbnb to help me solve problems, you are great!” Rockete said. ”Thank you for your trust, we are very happy to understand your troubles and help you solve the problem. If you need other services, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to provide further help.” AiBnb official responded.

In the 2018 season, Taylor Rocket completed 57 games in Seattle Hawks to advance the 965 yards to cut 10 years old, becoming the number of Hawks. In the 2017 season, the Haiye is signed with an amount of more than 37.8 million US dollars, which guarantees that he will play for the Hawks to 2021.

Although Lockete did not live in the house they were looking for, it was good to help him solve the problem a week before the trip started. Now, Rocket should enjoy only a little holiday, and expect him to dedicate more exciting performances for the fans after the beginning of the new season.