The sedimentation and technology of the years, the meaning of James play, has already surpassed basketball itself.

When a star became the facade of the league, his own strength is unquestionable.Since James has entered the Alliance in 2003, James has been given an unlimited hopes.Today, James won 4 FMVP, 4 regular game MVP, and 13 best.Looking at NBA’s President Mountain, in addition to Michael Jordan, there is no stalk to cover James’s honor and the light!

Since the playoffs last season, the Lakers eliminated the sun, basketball James gradually down the altar. He is no longer the same as before, can single-handedly reverse the situation in the game, led the team to victory. And because of rising age, James is no longer as young as possible, averaging more than 40 minutes on the court wanton Mercedes-Benz. But as long as reasonable arrangements for the use of time in the field, James, James can still turn the tide in the decisive moments. James scored 39 points in a victory over the Pacers in the game, three critical moment two murder punish heart, they are sufficient proof of that! So this season, James’s performance in the end do?

According to the latest statistics, this season, James averaged in 37 minutes, you can contribute 25.8 points, 5.3 rebounds, 6.9 assists, 1.8 steals and 0.8 blocked shots. James open three large cast 30 16, the hit rate of 53%. In addition, James catch and shoot the three-point shooting as high as 45%. The net efficiency when James led this season alone, even high 27.2. James played the game, the Lakers 7-4, and James missed the game, the Lakers are 4 wins and 7 losses. Data can better tell if James should have been since opening the season play, then the Lakers this season winning percentage will be better than the present.

After this season, the Lakers away Caruso, pop, Kuzma, the Lakers defensive strength no longer belong to the top league. Although Bates was Moore, Trevor Ariza two defensive stopper transactions, but want to return to the level in 2020 to win, it is almost not going to happen. So-called ”defense is not enough to join in the attack.” Vogel can only make a big fuss on the offensive end.

Thus, in a period of time the Lakers game, James was placed in the No. 5. James height 2.03m, weight 122 kg. Either No. 3 or No. 4, James can be well qualified. However, in certain moments, James’ strength, the tonnage is fully capable of No. 5. In the 12-14 season, the Heat, James due to the tactical need to occasionally appear in the center position.

Then the Lakers against the Heat, James just after the big Gasol in the paint hard. I did not expect many years later, nearly 37-year-old James appeared at No. 5. The game against the Pistons, James Vogel put placed in the No. 5. While it is doing so at the expense of Howard’s playing time, but to fully activate the less prestige. Westbrook because there is no stable middle distance and the third, an urgent need to spread the floor for his teammates, to break through to score, and score in order to create space for his teammates. James hit 5 points can enhance the overall mobility Lakers. Stewart, like the face of such powerful, rough technology center. James can pass a short physical confrontation, to limit the other’s score. Once Viagra less on the court with space, he will be able to play their greatest value.

James precipitation and by grinding technology years, this years key ball handling, has become more and more sure. Although the introduction of Viagra less will indirectly affect shots James, but adding a little more prestige for James to relieve stress. Westbrook is a historical three pairs of king, the ball can tear the defense, can also help his teammates score. The Lakers are the best ball-handler other than James. But the game hit the critical moment, still have handed the ball in the hands of James, in order to better help the team win.

Westbrook ball faster, more impact, but high turnover rate and cast him greatly reduced instability in the key moments of power. James is not the same, James belongs to the striker ball play. His ability to read the game + Breakthrough, singles + passing skills and vision, he is doomed overall commander of the team. Although nearly 37-year-old James,
a young man has no impact, but more stable three-point ball, and the ability to govern, let James became the key to playing ball the best choice. As long as the Lakers Big Three to maintain adequate health, hit the playoffs the Lakers are still the most powerful championship contender.

This season, often watching the Lakers game knows that, when James low singles, recurrent selection turned fadeaway jumper to end the fighting, but the hit rate is still surprisingly high. James did so not only can greatly reduce their physical strength, but also to avoid injuries during the confrontation. It also can break each other’s double-teamed, the most effective form of attack. Even though they double-team in a timely manner, James can also conduct a ball, to create better scoring opportunities for teammates.

However, if the field is not James, the Lakers play the crucial moment will become many monotonous. Anthony, thick eyebrows has upped capacity, but their passing skills and vision, are not entirely the same breath with James’s. So the overall impact of the Lakers, James, is too big!

Recently because of new coronary disease, James had to miss part of the game after the Lakers. This time not only requires less thick eyebrows and prestige to take on more responsibility in the team, but also to better Vogel formations to help the Lakers to get more victories.

Westbrook and eyebrows are now becoming more and more understanding, the two pick and roll attack the basket more and more appear in the game. Howard’s re-enabled the Lakers greatly enhance the overall defense. The Lakers beat the Kings in the game, Howard the second half starter. Under his resolutely defending the king the team only got 33 points, Howard contributions on the defensive end can be seen.

Lakers this season, is bound to be full of twists and turns. The team’s overall partial aging and injury, the Lakers will determine the long-term is difficult to get a wave-game winning streak. James nearly 37 years old, he can not be as young as keep a single defense, the defense. But as long as the old man playing Sanxun day, Los Angeles every year on the golf course or the slogan ”Lakers championship.” Because of the significance of James play ball, it goes beyond the basketball itself.

Ye Hao brilliant, lonely worth mentioning. The Lakers have stumbled at launch another shock to the championship. Their title prospects, it would certainly be more bumpy than before. But as the saying goes, ”tiptoe out of reach, that is true dream.” Hope that James can do wonders to help Westbrook and melon dream come true!