The Shuai Shuai is swaying, the big name is still the price, the price is not clear … The national football team will enter the no-cancellation cycle?

At 7:30 on September 13, the ”World Football” in CCTV ”The World Football” is not available as scheduled and fans. ”” The world football ”stopped!” The ball is standing. In the past 20 years, I will watch ”The World Football” at 7:30 every Monday night, has become the ”ceremony” in the fan life, and the sudden ”stop” makes the fans begin to miss the youth of the past 20 years, and began to miss the world football. ”Classic line” When the train slowly drove through the chief coupling / 32-year-old Henry, sitting there / affectionate looks over / all the twenty-two shadow … ”

On September 6th, the last issue of ”The World Football” is the theme Chelsea Jersey of ”C Ronal: The King of Shot”, reviewing all the goals of C Luo in the national team, and reviewing C Luo in more than 50 minutes of program time. 111 goals in the national team were entered. It is worth mentioning that this program has been ”perfunctory”. After the end of the film, they directly start playing the C Ro-winning collections, and even the host has no appearance, there is no news in the program. The formation of stark contrasts, the earlier programs, two host Shao Shengqi and Ma Fan Shu are hosted, and emphasizes ”live broadcast”.

The upstream journalist found that the last dynamic release of the ”Tianxia Football” on August 29, 2020, and there was no update, and the Weibo has up to 6.29 million fans. The upstream journalist also visited Soccer Jersey Discount CCTV internal personnel, the internal person said: ”I have never heard of this matter, it may be because the National Games temporarily broadcast.”

In addition to the ”World Football” stopped, the upstream journalists also found that the ”champion Europe” broadcast in the Champions League game has not appeared in the five sets of CCTV. In the early morning of September 15, the new season Champions League was officially opened, but no matter whether it was CCTV5 or CCTV5 + without live broadcast arrangements. Football Shirts Wholesale There is also a careful audience found that in CCTV’s ”Sports News” and ”Sports World” two news programs, there is basically no report on the five major European League, even if there is no game.

For this fans, the reason why ”The World Football” stopped is probably because of copyright issues, not because of the National Games. This season, CCTV has not had five major league copyrights, and there is no copyright between the Champions League. But for doubts of copyright stop, the internal person told reporters that ”it is impossible for this problem.”

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On the afternoon of September 15, the heart of the fan was finally put down! ”The World Football” is directed by Wu Han to reveal by personal microblogging, ”did not stop broadcasting, did not stop, did not stop, then said that I didn’t stop broadcasting again … I am also ready to make Chelsea Crownes documentary.” However, because there is no five major leagues and Champions Leagan copyright, the fans are still concerned about the quality of the ”World Football”, and they will leave a message from Wuhan’s Weibo. It is recommended that ”can buy some copyright”, even fans express ”stop, anyway, No content. ”

Upstream news reporter He Yan

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