The smashing of the horseman boss force, the leader, the team will break the golden body

Denver’s wild horse has been trapped in the Mangning Times, has been trapped in attack and quad-saving problems. Two years of failure experience finally made John Elvi to realize the Sixth Way show and the death enemy patriot team. Show has a height of the world. This year, after two years of contract, the team hopes to reverse the worse record of 5 wins and 11 losses in 2017.

After two weeks after I have been happy, the Wild Massage is bad again. After a wave of three losses, they have to face the current adverse record in the sixth week, and even Kevin Durant wants to join the ”Cosmic Sheep”.

The Bishop Dynasties – Joseph and his team certainly know the dilemma they face, but he got a strong support from the team CEO Joe-Ellis Ellis. Ellis expressed support and trust on the team in the interview of Niki-Jatara on Thursday.

”They (coach groups) understand such difficulties,” Ellis said, ”They have experienced last year, they know what to do to solve these problems, and improve them, continue to lead the team, then become Better; they will play some wonderful games in the 11th game behind, we will support him (Joseph), we will wait and see. ”

That is, the problem of the current problem of the wild horse is obvious. Their attack is some improvement, and the current attack is ranked 12th, the ball attack is ranked 18th, which is better than their 2017 offensive level (offensive ranking 17, the ball attack ran 20). But the problem is that they have a famous defense, but their defense is only in the 32nd team, and the game is 23 in the field; it is difficult to believe that this is actually Feng. – Defensive performance of Miller and Little Harris led.

Such a bad manifestation also allows the team’s headcropolism – Joseph is involved in the rumors of the get out of class. In 2017, he hired him as a team’s head coach with a four-year contract. He hoped that he wanted to defend himself from him to keep the team’s defensive group to maintain a high level, and then lead the team; but after the Tariba The defensive group led by Joseph did not play the fans expected performance, and even increasing water. In particular, the 5th week 16-34 lost to the New York jet machine team, the big fell mirror, their defensive group opened in the pavement defense doorway, released 323 yards; Croowl rushed to 219 yards, created The record record of the maximum number of single-scenes this year.

Who is the running guard facing the wild horse? Todd Grley, the top five weeks rushed to the top running guard! The corresponding thing, the offensive group of the ram is more in the top, offense, pass and score of several data occupies the first place.

However, Ellis believes that the wild horse will reverse the trend in Sunday.

”I believe we can reorganize the kit,” he said to Jaavara, ”I believe we will prepare in the game on Sunday. They are a very great team, for us. It is a huge challenge. Yes, we lost the past three games, especially the last week’s game is very disappointing; however, the team will continue to advance, don’t choose, I believe our players, coaches and balls Everyone of the team knows this. ”

However, reality is behind the rush, the wild horse has to face the challenge of the Red Pitch, Emirates and Texas. In fact, in addition to the contest with the Red Squad game, it is utolic to the Emirates and the Texas’ s competition. Especially if they have lost 6 games for the Emirates. If you have 3-6 achievements before their rest, it is not very unexpected.

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