The snake 11-5 victory Los Angeles Daoqi multi-point flowers get a series of opens

Data highlight

The Dodge team first sent a pitcher Liu Xianzhen. 4.2 The bureau lost 7 points to send 4 times. Qiao Kepesson 2 avant-running two points, Justine-Turner 2 supplies 3 points.

The snake first sent a pitcher Merril-Kelly 4 game lost 3 points to send 4 three vibrations. Matt Andrice got the victory, Taylor-Clark 2.2 bureau lost 1 point of Zhen Zhen. The sound snake 8 is all played in the wilder, Edward – Escobal 2 security 3 points, Wilmer – Florez 3 security 3 points, Carson – Kelly 3 security.

Game process

In the first bureau, Qiao Kepen Pedson’s second base is hitting, AJ-Poolock flying sacrifice to send back, Dodgers 1-0 lead. Next, three and a half bureau, two pitters were given to the opponent three. In the third bureau, Pednson and Matti were continuously selected to keep the upper base, Justine-Terna’s second base is sent back to one point, 2-0. Kodi-Belinjan was intentionally four-bad ball to send the formation, and the AJ-Poolock was selected to keep back and switched back, 3-0.

In the fourth place, Merril-Kelly sent three three. The second half of the fourth place, Tim Rocassore and Edward – Espobar first, Wilmer-Florez, two runners, 3-2. After Carson-Kelly was deliberately cleared, Ildermaro Vargas knocked out two points, 4-3, and the snake.

The fifth game, Matt-Andeis, next to First, Merrill, Merrill. Koi-Sig Messenger hit a flying sacrifice to send back to 5thrics, 4-4. In the second half of the fifth situation, in the case of the two bureaus, Christian-Walker and Florez have played an alarm, Adam Jones playing the second base to play the two runners, 6-4, the snake lead again . Nick Amad immediately played back to Jones, 7-4. Adam – Koralek instead of the first pitcher Liu Xianzhen.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, Kiterr Mart and Locassore continuously, Eskobal slammed the three-year gun, 10-4. In the upper half of the seventh place, the two pitcher of the snake snakes sent three three. In the eighth game, Taylor Clark sent again three three. In the second half of the eighth game, Walker selected four bad balls to send the upper base, and Florez’s two-runners sent a barrier, 11-4. The top half of the ninth game, Justnet Terna branched the Yangchun, 11-5. At the end of the audience, the snake 11-5 defeated the Daoqi team.

Both sides

Los Angeles Daoqi:

First stick: Qiao Ke-Pederson left outer wilder

The second stick: Matt-bit

Third 棒: Justntine – Turner

Fourth stick: Cody-Beilinjie right wilder

The fifth rod: AJ-Pollock Chinese and foreign wilder

Sixth: Cordi-Sig Guerrie

Seventh: Will-Smith Catcher

Eighth rod: Enrique – Ernand

Ninth Bat: Liu Xianzhen Pitcher

Arizona Snake:

First stick: Kitel Mart Chinese and foreign

Second Rod: Tim – Locasstro left outer wilder

Third 棒: Edward – Espobar 3rd

The fourth great: Christian – Walker

The fifth rod: Wilmer-Florez two base

Sixth stick: Adam – Jones right outside

Seventh: Nick Amide guerrilla

Eighth rod: Carson – Kelly catcher

Ninth, Merril-Kelly Pitcher

Next look

Tomorrow’s two teams will conduct a second game of the series, from Tony Gon Solin (2 wins and 1 loss, self-blade points 2.74, 17 times) to Dzak-Gun (2 wins and 4 losses, self-blame The rate of 2.56, 68 times.

Gong Solin’s last game faces a strong Yang Bay team, 5 bureaus only beaten 2 security, throwing 1 point, including the 3.2 bureau’s innocent, helping the team 2-1 wins.

In the Great League 56.1, the self-sharing rate is only 2.56, and 68 Senuct Gall is traded in the deadline to the snake. The last month of the representative of the old man Malin fish faced the Dodge, 5.1 bureaus was played with 3 security, lost 2 points.