The space man is Willland, questioning a good ball, shouting the reporter before the comment.

Houston Spacemaker Yesterday 15-1 Big Bifidasted Tampa Bay, the apex pitcher Justin – https://www.maillotspascherfr.comWillan did not question the tape by the referee, and the Three crowns were also angry directly to the referee theory.

At that time, the situation was 5 out of the upper half 1 out. The spaceman had 9-0 leader, Willand’s two good two bad spals were taken under a ball by the primary, Putt-Hobbeg, then A ball is made by Tommy – Fan into the right country.

After being played, Willands at least three times were at least three times, and the latter directly took Vilamord.

Willand continued to ”fire” to Hobberg, and he also came to the main referee when he was pulled back by his teammates back to the rest. Total coach A.j – Cochi came to the course a few minutes from Hushg, and then Brad Pikike succeeded in Virgo’s pitching mission.

”I really don’t think this is reasonable,” Willland said before the game. ”I think as a
referee, Hobbeg needs to understand that the big-league level has been emotional. Sometimes when things are not smooth, I must let the referee know my position, I think my way is very respectful. Because it is uncomfortable to be determined. As the game continues to be played, I told him that the ball was a good ball. He told me that he thought this is a bad ball, and then drive me out of the court. ”

Virlands added, ”I have been in the history https://www.mlbdrakterno.comof the Great Alliance. In the history of the referee, I usually go back to the referee. I have never said that I have said that I am dissatisfied with my dissatisfaction. ”

In yesterday’ s competition, the former ”Tiger King” Justnet-Wandard in the 5 and 1/3 bureau’s pitching work only 1 point. Willand, who continued his old myth this season, has received 16 wins and 5 negative records, and the self-sharing rate is also a beautiful 2.69 and a three-oscillating 243 players in the 184.0 bureau.