The steel man will bring the top running guard for Bell’s transition label or bring the top run for Pittsburgh.

The ”Pittsburgh Post” report said that the Steel people hoped to play a transition label for Levian-Bell.The transition label stipulates that the salary of the player must be the highest value between ”10 players in the same place in the last season” and ”120% of the label player last year”.At the same time, the transition label players can negotiate with other teams, but the original team can match this contract within 7 days.If you don’t match, the player joins the new team, and the original team will not get any compensation.Obviously, the Pittsburgh steel man will not be sillyly owed by Bell. According to sources, the purpose of the steel man use the transition label is not to leave Levian-Bell, but hope to carry out some transactions, in exchange with BellStar player or chip.