The sun refuses 22 points to reverse it, and he will take 16 consecutive victories.

The NBA regular match is a focus war, the Phoenix Suns challenges Brooklyn Net. In the end, the Sun Team took 113-107 Lectra opponents and gains 16 games. The game, the Sun team leads 22 points, followed by a counterattack, but they stand the pressure and refuse to reverse. Next, the Sun Team will hit the team’s history record.

Let’s take a look at the process of this game. The first quarter, the solar team enters the state, the lightning is opened, and the single section takes the opponent at 34-20. The next session, the advantage has shrunk, returns to 4 points in 22-26, and the half is
just a lead in the dressing room. Easy-side fight, the third section of the Sun team broke out, the single section is once again 34 points + net win 8 points. At the end of the day, the Nets tried to fight twice, but unfortunately, it was unable to stage a big reversal with 35-23.

The Sun team played away, and it was back to back, and the Nets took a rest for nearly 3 days, but it appeared in the game. The tough comeback of the Nets is too late, causing the last time not enough to turn over. Although the highest in the east is the first, but this season, the ability of the basketball team to top the top team is too bad. This is their bottleneck, if not breaking, the playoff is difficult to go too far. And the Sun Team, when you get 10+ winches, many people question the gold volume of the opponent, and believe that after the Nets is taken, there should be a sense of persuasion.

In terms of data, the Sun team has five people to score the double, German-Bak performance is the best, cut 30 points 4 assists, Chris Paul, get 22 points and 8 rebounds 5 assists, Bridge 13 points 6 rebounds 7 steals, De Andre-Eaton 10 points 6 rebounds, McGi 10 points 10 rebounds. And the basketball team, Durant offers 39 points 9 rebounds 7 assists, this Bryi and Aldridge are 18 points, Haden three pairs 12 points and 13 rebounds 14 assists, others have no last double. .

Everyone is very concerned that the Sun Team next to whether they can break the longest 17 games of the team history. Look, the next time, the biggest block of the Sun team is a warrior, they will face the warrior in the next home, then hit the piston, then go to the away Warrior, 3 days, two war warriors, these two games are the most Key, after winning the previous game, the middle of the piston should have no problem, so you can usher in 18 winning records, wait and see.