The three consecutive victories are also called brush! Wood is seriously underestimated! He is only 26 years old.

Which is the most popular team recently?

warrior! ?

Sun! ? ?


It is a Houston Rocket that has recently been Hao Sheng Sheng, as the western squad leader of this season, the Houston Rocket of the 16-game losing streak, even after the lost list of Eye Show Jay-Green, achieved the results of three consecutive victories!

In this morning, a Houston Rockets will win!

This hangout, Rocket player Christian-Wood, the whole game was 31 minutes, highly efficient 17-shot 9, got 24 points 21 rebounds 3 closed rule data!

Who dares to say that he is a brush, who can say?

Wood of the annual salary of 1366 million US dollars, he is the entire alliance, the most affordable contract!

Wood of this season is the best player in the Rockets, which can contribute 16.7 points 11.8 rebounds and 1 block.

Talk about what kind of player Wood is.

Some fans may say that Wood is an internal player, the wind is too soft, can’t make the frame, play too poison, and take the ball like yourself.

This is the truth, is Wood of Wood?

We have analyzed today.

First of all, the above is true Wood.

But what we can’t look at his weakness, right?

Wood is one of the three-pointers of the most stable internal players, and he is a four-digit player, his three-pointed mid-rate up to 34.4%.

Trapped in his own figure, can not make the frame, can’t fight, but you have to see Wood’s coordination level, old rules, first data, as a four-bit player, this season Woodfield is interfering shooting 9.8 Secondary, the United States, 20th, interference, three-point shooting 4.3 times, the third, this data is sufficient to prove how good Wood’s defensive area is excellent.

Wood likes the problem of dribble.

No way, friends, what kind of person we look at the rocket.

Kevin Potter, Jay-Green, you bring the ball to them, they can make you can’t see how the ball is lost, we will always believe, even if your team is bad, but players on the court, Always want to win, this doesn’t want to doubt!

Wood also wants to win, and the facts also prove that there is no Green, the rocket instantly changed the face.

Is Wood, is it a cornerstone?

This is not blowing, it is really not.

His absolute talent and ability are quite limited, this is not to say that it can blow out, but he is a player who is most needed to fight against the crown team, three or four people.

We look at Wood’s contract, as long as 13.66 million US dollars, look into the entire league, people who hold this
contract, no one is better than Wood’s ability.

This morning, the rocket considers the trading Wood, is because Wood is very good, with him, it is not as good as the honor, he is not a brush. Instead, he is a seriously underestimated person.

You can’t say that he is a brush because Wood can’t lead the winner. This is absolutely unfair. He will affect the game with his ability. He is not a brush. On the contrary, he is a completely underestimated. People, are underestimated!

Finally, I have to say that Wood may be the last person who affects the western direction. His contract is not big. If the warrior, the Sun’s team trading is Wood, will be an instant to complete the instant, even invincible state!

Trembling Bar Alliance!

Wood is absolutely equipped with the ability to change a team, as for the last thing, and finally Wood will spend anyone, we will wait and see.

If it is me, there is Wood Emperor, what are you doing?

To cultivate Wood, enter the playoffs.