The Warriors wins the top of the leader to win! Curry 6 records three points mad cut 32 + 7 + 8, the double gun is only 32 points!

Beijing time November 27th, the 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. In today’s focus battle, the Warriors always ushered in the challenge of the Pioneers. Before the game, the Warriors were ranked by 16 wins and 2nd and the pioneers were ranked 10 wins 10 wins.

The first lineup of both parties is as follows:

Trail Team – Lillad, McCalem, Powell, Nurkich, Codon;

Warrior team – Cook, Poole, Vikins, Green, Lowni.

Section 1 competition:

Training Team Nurkich took the lead in the basket, Vilins did 5 points, Coden Turning 3-pointer, both sides battle 5: 5! Subsequently, the first 3rd points, Luni and Pur, the Warriors, received 12: 7 leaders. Then, the two sides were caught in an anxiety, the middle section of this section, 3 points in McCalem, Nurkic two penalties in the next basket, the Pioneering team chased only 1 point. After Potter and Xiaodon scored continuously, Lillad was 4 points, and Cordon was completed in the life. Before the end of this section, Poole and Xiaipon scored continuously, and the small Nanz was all-in! McCilm hits 3 points, but Cook is 4 points in the last minute, the Warriors 27:26 leading the Pioneer team.

Section 2 competition:

Don’t listen to the first score, Curry and Qiosa will have a successful hand, the Warriors play a wave of 7: 0! After Lillad and Powell played, Curry and Vintes responded. Subsequently 3 points in Powell, McCaleum shoots, and the pioneer team is 8: 2 to narrow the division to 2 points. 2 minutes and 49 seconds before the end of this section, Nurkic shoots, and the two sides battle 42:42! Then Poole and Curry continued to hit 3 points, Kodonteon was in shooting, and Pur was once again 3 points. Green was brought into 2 + 1, and then the Kuri hit the technical foul permit once again 3 points, the Warriors took a wave 16: 2. At the end of the 58:44 leadership team ended.

Section 3 Competition:

Curry and Vintes continuously use penalties to score, Powell even helped the pioneers to score. After that, 3 points, Green and Lunis have been able to expand the leading advantage to 20 points after Green and Lunis. After Powell and Green continuously scored, Nurkic used a free throw to connect 4 points, after Luni and Vints showed the basket, Nurkic had a loose part of the break twice. Subsequently, Green and Pur will have a penalty of fouls, and the Warriors lead 21 points. Before the end of this section, Powell caused fouls, and Simmons continued to hit 3 points. The Warriors, this side of the Warriors, and Andon gave him a row, Xiaodon has two consecutive times, after Anderson shoots, the Warriors 91: 70 leading pioneers.

Section 4 Competition:

3 points in Yusi, McCalem shoot, don’t listen to two free throws, 3 points in Simmus, the Pioneering team played a wave 8: 1! After Anderson’s two punishments, Simmons reopened 3 points, and then Little caused the foul punishment, and the difference between the two parties was only 10 points. Then, the two sides were caught in an anxiety, and 3 points in Simmus reduced the division to 8 points. The key moments continued to hit a two points in the resection of 3 points, and the leading advantages were extended to 14 points. After the suspension, Simmons once again gave birth, Lillad continued to hit three points, one person even had 8 points, but Vilas and Curry have given a response, Andon shoots, the Warriors 1 point before the final 41 seconds lead 11 points. Subsequently, McCalem has been punished for two words. The traveler of Curry shot, the Pioneer team did not shoot in a
row, and the game lost the suspense.

In the end, the Warriors were at home at the home of 118: 103 victor team, and the 6-game winning victory was obtained, and the first place in the western part was continued in 17 wins and 2.


Trail Team – Lillad 16 points 6 assists, McCaleum 16 points 7 rebounds 4 assists, Nurki 17 points, Simmons 19 points, Powell 15 points.

Warrior team – Cook 32 points 7 rebounds 8 assists, three of the balls 15 in 6! Virgo scored 25 points, Poce 14 points 5 assists, Green got 12 points and 8 rebounds 12 assists, Lui 12 points, Anderson 8 points 8 rebounds.