Thompson is about to return to the warrior appeared in the official December season poster

On December 2, the NBA today has many regular seasons, but the Warriors have been finished yesterday, and there is no schedule today, and the good news for the warrior fans is that the Warriors officially announced the recall of Thompson. .

Thompson has been decentralized to the Development League Santa Cruz Warrior earlier this week, and the purpose is to find more training and find a feeling in a low level of competition. Ball, showing excellent competitive state. And Thompson has been recalled with Huosman and Damn Lee, with this warrior to put Jonathan Luta and Moody to the Development Alliance.

In addition, the Warriors have released the team in December, and Thompson’s figure also appeared in the two-year time in Thompson’s injury. This time and Thompson have a library, chasing dreams, Green and Vintes, which means Thompson is about to come out.

According to the previous reporters, Thompson’s return time will only have less than half a month ago before Christmas. As one of the backfinder of the team, the Warriors have won three times in the Warriors, and Thompson can get 17.6 points +3.9 rebounds in the finals in the finals, and the field
can invest 2.8 three-pointers. The two ends of the attack help the team to cross the difficulties.

Although the Warriors have achieved a good record of 18 wins and 3, in the game yesterday and the sun, Curry was seriously restricted, which also reflected the importance of Thompson, he can help the team more than one threat point Help the library alleviate the pressure of the offensive end. After the look forward to Thompson, help the Warriors rush down this season.