Three days after 3 days! How can the Warrior Two War? Do 3 o’clock or return to the league first

Beijing time December 3, the Warriors and the Sun Team will be staged this season, the winning and negative of this game, and still decide the ranking of the League 1st, if the Warriors can revenge, their record will The anti-super-solar team and the 18 consecutive victory of the latter. So can the Warriors do this? This is probably depends on whether they can improve the three issues that appear when the first round is handed over.

In the hands of the first round, the Warriors bite the score in the first half, but in the case of the short half, they are suppressed by opponents. So this ball can’t be hit, it is very beneficial to the Warriors, but this is not enough to ensure that the Warriors have successfully revenge. Cole still needs to carefully analyze the first half of the team and the next half of the team, and correct it.

The first question of the Warriors first rounds is the exert of a serious abnormality in Curry. It is true that the defenders of the Sun team are very good. Bridges played a strange role, but the library is only 4 performances, not just because the sun is well-preserved, but also is not good with him. The mentality is hesitant.

In particular, the biggest advantage of Curry, misplaced the ability to punish the inner line, almost completely did not play out. In fact, in the game, Curry has also faced Eaton or McGi several times, but he did not use the misplaced single to punish the opponent, even the end of the third section, Curry is still facing McGi. The time three did not touch it.

If you want to beat the Sun Team into the finals, you can use tactics to create an absolute vacation opportunity. In fact, it is difficult to make a big difficult, so you must need a super stalk to break, just like the letter brother of the final season last season. The supernaturalness of the Warriors is a library. Only he can find a starry star outside, especially the ability to punish the internal line of the opponent, the Warriors will be able to win. Cole also sets to the library to settle the ball and demolition, and asked him to resolute attack when he was misplaced, and he could not feel that his state is not good. Once the capital is not attacking, the zero knocks of the Warriors of the Warriors are not able to break through the defense line of the Sun.

The second question of the Warriors first rounds is the second question of their mistakes. It is too much to lose, and there is 23 championships, and send 19 points in white. Confused the solar team, only 13 times, lost 9 points. Only one, the Sun team wins 10 points, and finally they have won 8 points, in turn, if the Warriors can control their own mistakes
like the Sun Team, then they may laugh To the end.

Strong dialogue, many times, who are more mistaken, the Warriors must do better in control errors. In the first battle competition, the Warriors’ mistakes were mainly from Green, Anderson (each 5 times) and Pur (4 times). Among them, Anderson only made a 5 mistakes, it should not, Cole may also consider, is it to reduce even DNP Anderson when it is in this top-level strong team with the Sun Team. Green and Pur are not too casual when launching the sweathers, need to be more cautious.

The third issue of the Warriors first rounded, where they failed to successfully consume Paul. After the Bakk, the Sun Team actually left Paul a offensive point, but the Warriors did not have any way, and finally Paul helped Claude three-point investment, and gave the warriors. .

https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.comSo how do the Warriors consume Paul? Cole may consider increasing Xiaodon’s play time, and even when the eagle is reproduced, the Box1 tactics of Tre-Yang, let Xiaoton began to guard against Paul from the sun’s bottom line ball, and it is not extravagant to complete Paul. Lock, but must give Paul enough consumption.

In the first round, Xiao Purden only played for 16 minutes, but the game was 17 points, which was obvious, and he was very suitable for playing with the Sun team, Cole also should increase his in two battles. The time of appearance, and used him as a strange army against Paul, although Green and Winshe’s defensive ability is strong, but they are not suitable for defense.

Turki is warming, the control mistakes, consumes Paul, these three are the key to the Warriors Venge Revenge Sun. Even this 3 points can do 2 points at the same time, the Warriors are very hope to win, but if only 1 or 1, you can’t do it, don’t look at the sun, Bark, but the back, but the warrior The team is probably ”cool”.