Today NBA analysis: Nets are expected to end the sun 15 games, the eagle defeated the Knicks vows 8 games

First place: Sun VS Net

The sun is currently 16 wins and 3 losses, ranking second in the west, just behind the Warriors. At present, it is in a wave of four gratuities, but it is still very strong. It is easy to defeat the Nicks 118 to 97. It is a wave of 15 consecutive victories, but this trend will continue, and the future will be tremended. They will first fight the first basket of Nets in the eastern part, and fight the Warriors of the First
Union. On the game, the Niks, Paul only shot 6 times, get 14 points and 10 rebounds, Boke cut the highest 32 points in the audience, leading the team to score the double. The whole team showed 55.7% of the hit rate and 46.4% of the three-pointer, 11 people played, no one’s efficiency value is negative.

The Nets are currently 14 wins and 5 losses, ranking eastern first. The recent state is also good. After the home is over, after the warrior, I will win a wave of 4 consecutive victories. On the first 123-104 defeated the Celtics, Mills started 23 points, Haden 20 points 7 rebound 11 assists, Durant 21 points 4 rebounds 8 assists, basically three tigers have smashed the opponent, the first five tiger efficiency Both is +13 or more. However, the Impression of the Net This season is that there is no problem with abuse, and the team lacks a little stability. The Brown and Harris continue to absent, the team will basically take the front lineup, except Durant, Harden, Ade, this Bryi and Milles have also won Nash’s trust. But this lineup, the internal strength is obviously not strong enough.

The solar brings 15 consecutive wins, but it should not be obviously underwater, but the Nets let the basket let’s take a lot of money, but it is also a firm support to the basket network. The main reason is because the big reason is because the sun back Physical power is limited. May wish to go, you will see the brutal wins directly, after all, the sun will win, and it should be a personal product. According to this idea, the Nets need to effectively suppress the opponent at the offensive end, because the past 10, the sun has only 101 points, and the basket network has only lost 106.4 points, and the two sides are relatively glue, the division 221.5 can’t play out .

The second game: Knicks VS Eagle

Knicks is currently 10 wins and 9 losses, ranking 8th. In the past 7 games, it is a good time to compete, and it is not stable. On the game, the sun was lost to the sun at 97-118, and the three sections were smashed. There are only 4 people in the whole team to score the double. Randel, the most played time, only 9 points, and contribute 6 rebounds 4 assists. Walker gave 17 points, Fu Kieye and Baret were also barely scored. To be honest, these first recent states are unpredictable, and severely dragged down the team’s record.

The eagle currently 11 wins and 9 losses, ranking 7th, playing Memphis, winning the Grizzlies at 132-100, and gains 7 consecutive victories. It is worth mentioning that the offensive end of the eagle is very fierce, every game is worth at least 10 points, and the field has been 120.4 points, and the field will win 17.3 points, and the game is displayed in the season. In the past three games, Tre Yang continued to score 30+, and in addition, the game contributed 9 assists, and its season was 9.2 assists, ranked third in NBA. Under his leadership, the Eagle made an efficient attack. Not only in 89 voted 52 (58.4% hit rate), but also only used less than 90 shots, it got 132 points, and the other rebounds, the cake king Kao Carpera This season, 12.3 rebounds, high home The fourth place in the League.

Although the ethnic eagle is going to experience the boat of the Boat Board from Memphis, Knicks is not going to go, they also have to move from New York, both sides are back. Considering that the eagle is sitting 8 wins at home, it is more than 1 loss of super high recordings, and even the game winning, the morale is high, their shooters and defensive, the recent can be bitable, this is good to see the eagle again. In terms of size, 216.5 is not high, optimistic.