Today, NBA Preview: The rocket is difficult to enemy thunder, three consecutive victories, and the buck is rushing to the Hornets.

First place: Rocket VS Thunder

The rocket is currently 4 wins and 16 losses, still in the western spot. After this wonderful team, after a wave of 15 losers, this is in the near future. The first two opponents bulls and wasps are the popular teams of the eastern season next game. This season is this season. Only 100 rockets of 100 points, these two actually obtained 118 points and 146 points respectively. However, the game at home is also the same as the piston of the western
weak brigade, returning to normal, winning 102-189. It is worth a boast of their attack, but defensive, the whole team actually snapped up 60 rebounds, more than the opponent, Wood got 24 points 21 rebound luxury data, the giant Garlen Green’s first guard Potter got 11 points 10 rebounds 11 assists three pairs, leading the team 6 people to score. It turns out that if the Serrat coacoon does not rotten, let the starter have enough play time, or can play a few good balls.

Thunder currently 6 wins and 14 losses, ranking third in the western part. After the rocket is lost, it is a wave of 6 links. Although Alexander has worked hard to get 22 points and 3 rebounds 4 assists, other starting collective matters, Dort 10 3 get 7 points, Betzley only depends on 4 points, this year, Xiudi Kiti 9 To 5 points. It is a 17-minute apart to take 17 points respectively. In addition to the backwardness of the rebound 45, the assistance is also 16 to 31, and the three-pointer 7 is behind. In the face of the worst team of the Alliance, it is difficult.

Sierras is a three-game winning, and the handsome position is worry-free, but can you continue to put a question mark. From the perspective of the index, the Thunder attendance of the war, actually allowed 3.5 points. On the one hand, I am afraid that the Rockets will be defeated this season 11 full defeat, and the last Thunder will win 101 more than 89. You may wish to look at the Thunder Direct Save, and also considering that the two teams attack is quite bad, 213.5 can also be considered.

Ethiday: Hornets VS Buck

The wasp is currently 13 wins and 10 losses, ranking 6th in the eastern part. The recent schedule is more difficult. There are 7 away in the nearly 8 games, and after nearly 8 wins, nearly 9 games have lost to the rockets and bulls. The overtime is 143 more than 146, and it is burst into the cold door, and the upper 119 is lost to the bull. At present, their fields have been lost to 114.9 points, and the highest collection of alliances is the first. In particular, the internal defense after Pramley injury, lacks the protection of the high tower, in the past two Wood and Wu Chiwei easily cut 30+ high points, and the rebound is not dominant. Therefore, although the team shooters, in three goals, it can also play a beautiful unpacking, making the opportunity to manufacture vacancies outside, but if the defensive shape is farther, it is difficult to go further.

Buck is currently 13 wins and 8 losses, ranking 5th in the eastern part. It is disadvantageous, the defending champion is unfavorable, but the recent gradual recovery is gradually recovered, and only the name of Da Luo is in the list of injuries. With the interest of the letter brother, the record and ranking of the Buck also boat high. After the 118 winner of the 110 wins, the team hit a wave of 7 consecutive victories, and the past four games were more than 118.8 points. Win the opponent 20.1 points. The inner line of the letter brother does not have to say, the top of Daluo is the first Ports of Porters in the past 10 games, averaging 17.5
points 8.7 rebounds, the performance is better than Doluo before the injury, can say that the Buck Current lineup short board.

The lack of internal lines will continue to expose, only this is enough to support the owner’s index, and the two teams have a good efficiency, and it is too much 229.5, although high, but can also Careful support.