[Today’s Football] Armor: Renne VS Montpellier

Original title: [Today’s Football] Armor: Renne VS Montpellier

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November 21

Armor 04:00

Ren VS Montpellier

The leaders of Renne, the team, still very good, the team can live in the top six, the team new season is good, signed Bad and Suleimana and latest headlines other powerful players, team core main Kama Wenjia also went to Real Madrid, the team’s new season has the strength to win in the league, currently ranking fifth, only two points from the second place, and the team needs multi-line operations this season, in the European Cup In the middle, the team is currently in the first place, and the team has not been lost in the 10th event. During the event, the leader in the league defeated Lyon, and broke the unbeaten body of the big Paris. This field Martin can come back.

The team Montpellier can news headlines today live live in the top eight, the team does not have any presupported pressure, the difference between the qualifications from the competition last season, the new season team has no big, this season ranking will be very Difficult, the team is currently ranking in the main team, the recent state is also good, there are two consecutive victories, this team main Savaniy is repeated, the team is not good, especially the defensive end.


The current position of the main team has been declining, follow-up to rise 1.25, just said that the visiting team defenders are very bad, and in the last ten times, the main team only lost a game, optimistic about the main team to defend the home.

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