Toronto Bluebird reinforced first round value 2 year 24 million US dollars bind Royak

On December 12th, Beijing time, according to ESPN, the free player first pitted Tanner Roark to complete the contract with Toronto Bluebird. ESPN reporter Buster Olney confirmed that the contract was 24 million US dollars for two years.

In the MLB touching for many years, Luoyik careers started in Washington, last season Cincinnati https://www.mlbboutique2.comred and Auckland sportswear, a total of 31 games with 4.35 self-sharing rate and 10 wins and 10 defeat personal records, the latter On July 31, the transaction deadline received him upgraded the first round value, and the sportsist also won the location of the United Jewelry card.

After coming to the Auckland sports home, Ro Yak first got 4 wins and 3 defeat, but the problem of exposure was to be knocked too much, and a total of the opponent was knocked out 14 of the running, in the sportsist The score rate is 4.58.

Roah with Marx-Xie Zerzer and Stephen Strasburg have formed a three-person group, but Royo’s brilliance continued only one. The season, after 2017 he was reset to prototype.

The advantage of Royk is that his endurance, at least 31 consecutive seasons, with an average of 165 bureaus every year. Most of the career is the first show in China in 2013 in 2013. After six seasons, they were traded to the red.

The 2016 season is the peak of Royk career, and the self-sharing rate is only 2.83 and the record of 16 wins and 10 defeat. In the 6th year of the national, he accepts 64 wins and 54 defeat points to 3.59, calculating the mid-section First firing.