True love! Boom 31+ three pairs of powerful reporters: You have five games, did not ask my wrong topic.

Beijing time November 24th, the NBA regular season continued, the Lakers 100-106 lost Nicks, this game is also happy, worry is, Monk, Hordon Tuck and other players, There is a population of the Lakers. The hi is Wei Shao gradually enters better, for example, the third section of the unit 18 dividing team shrinks 25 points to only one bit number, such as Wei Shao is more sensible. It is really a happy to mention that it is a happy, you started the skin after his game.

This game has a 6 turn, the top 5 times is the mistake of the last half, and Wei Shao said the wrong topic. He smiled and ridiculed the reporter. He said: ”I heard the topic you mentioned. I am very interesting, I have already had five games, I have not heard you asking me this topic. You are really interesting. ”Talking about 5 mistakes in the first half, 1 mistakes in the second half, Wei Shao:” This is A particularly simple adjustment. ”

Of course, Wei Shao also said: ”Today we played not good enough, when we decided to play more efforts, this has gone out.”

The performance of the two games can be in turn. The last game Lakers reverse the spoken plug, and Wei Shao is also a great work, and the Warr Lakers and Knicks have also mentioned Wei Shao. He said: ”We are looking for methods that make Wei Shao feel comfortable, and we believe that Wei Shao has begun to find some problems!” Subsequently, Woger also praised Wei Shao’s competitiveness.

Wei Shao’s 37 minutes 18 10 bombed 31 points 13 rebounds 10 assists 2 steals 6 mistakes, for the Lakers, the season has just begun, although the six data alliance bottoms, but the most critical is the injury problem, if All workers are healthy, I believe this Lakers can also get rid of grinding and impact towards the champion!