Two all-star wilders successfully signed San Francisco giants a year to replenish Zuosou first

On January 24, Beijing, the free market is still cleaned, and the two super big cofasures and Harper still have not determined, but the two all-star wilders have found new work separately.

Nick Malcargis Reneworthy Atlanta Warriors, Esdu Barbrera joins Texas to visit, while San Francisco giants use annual to sign Zuo Dolu-Po Menz.

The 35-year-old old margis has gone in the 13 seasons in the Grand Union. Last season, in the last season, he was selected for all star games, and his career 2237 is ranked fifth place.

In the 2018 season, he 14th horn, 185 security, 93 points and 2% 97 hit rates very well. After the end of the season, Marcius and Warriors were expired for 44 million US dollars. Some teams sent him a good contract, but he did not choose the renewal team to seek Guandi, the contract is 1+. 1 Contract, including $ 4 million in 2019 and 2020 US $ 2 million buyout fees.

If his 2020 is still in the Warriors, it will be a $ 6 million contract. In an interview, Marcys said that https://www.fanartikelsportde.comhe and his family enjoyed the life in Atlanta, especially his children hoped that the father can be old at the warrior, and the general manager of the Warriors Alex-Sso, Saisu, also said left The old will have a better help to young Warriors.

33-year-old Kabrera was played in the New York, and the Philadelphia was played in the New York, and the single season still handed over the excellent data of 23 bombing 75 points 36 second base. United States.

Texas Racing Hands will sign in the account in 1 year, although it is not possible to stage beautiful skills every day in the Cleveland Indians, he will have more lineups to the team. After the choice of ”Mr. Three Three Mr.” Adrian Beltere, the visitors needed experienced players to calm the three-stroke zone. After all, the team got Patrick-Vistom Need to be slightly worn on the small alliance.

The 30-year-old Popmer is finally found new work. San Francisco giants gave him a major union contract with a value of 1.5 million US dollars and an incentive bonus up to 5 million US dollars.

Last season, he joined the injury list because of the strain, after the left-handed tendonitis entered the list of DL, only 26 games were raised in the next year, 2 wins and 6 negative scores of 6.08, after the
season Indicates that red socks have not left him.

Posmelan was selected by the Cleveland, the first round of the first round, in 2010, after the Himnenez transaction came to Colorado Slogky to board the big union stage, the 2016 season, with the excellent performance of the San Diego priest At the season, the trading came to Boston socks.

The trial of the San Francisco giant’s trump, Zuo Dou Bona, is deeply traded. After clarifying the first round value, the first year contract is relatively fair to both parties, whether the big profit contract can be obtained in the future It is the performance after watching Po Menz returned to the National Association.