Two-three things you should know about the MLB player week in the 2019 season

This week, MLB will usher in the most distinctive week, because MLB player Zhouke will be held this week, you will see a big charm of the baseball game, unprecedented cerebral cave, personality jersey, numerous players Interesting nicknames, these elements will bring you a different MLB this week. Below we will give you a variety of people in 2019.

What is the player week?

You can imagine it into a leisure baseball game. Here you can see unique jerseys, unique equipment, players can take themselves, all everything is to make the players fully demonstrate their own personality.

Which game can see such a performance?

From Friday to Sunday, all the games (Beijing time Saturday to Monday), the live broadcast of the United States has Sunday’s Yangji and Dodge, Rocky and Rock, Monday’s national against bear, Yangji and Dodge. Also on Saturday to Monday, give you a live-based sportsman, red sister priest, Yangji’s three games, and you can feel the MLB player week in these games.

Why do you want to do this?

The event begins in 2017, the purpose is to let more people understand baseball, attract young fans. In addition, he and the propaganda of ”Letting the Children”, players can make the small fans understand the baseball movement through the event.

Will each player wear the outer jersey?

No, players can also choose their name, but now more and more players start to choose a jersey with the outer number.

What is the nickname of all players?

Everyone can query on the official website. Many players’ nicknames are very interesting, and the Grand Valley is ”showtime”, teammates Tuuri is domineering ”kiiiiid”. Many well-known players are related to their own names. The outer number of Grandji is their last name. Willand is the abbreviation of his name ”JV” Yelic is ”Yeli”, Bryant is ”KB”, Belle Lin Jie is ”Belli”, Krato is ”kersh”, Harper is ”HARP”. The reddock team first sent Prab who took a deep ”X”, teammate Bocgatz, also known as ”X-Man” Liu Xianzhen’s external number, Korean, in a bunch of English names Bright eye.

What kind of jersey I will see?

Previous design template is a small union style jersey, this year will be a special monochrome jersey, all black or all white.

Does the main team choose a white player?

This is not important, the main team has the right to choose, but we have to wait until the start of the game will only see.

Will the pitcher wear a white hat to confuse the player?

This problem has been solved, and if the pitcher will be with a black hat, so that the player and the referee will not be confused.

Why do you want to wear a monochrome?

You can imagine them into canvas, and the players will fill their personalities and patterns. Let the jerseys, bats, gloves, etc. are more vivid and interesting, these inspirations come from the current popular fashion.

Is there any other element in the jersey?

The players will wear the memorial logo of the angels, and there are 9 players in three games will be to come to the batty of Scrugs. To express their past 2 year-year-old. Pitcher miss. In addition, this year’s helmet will also be black and white color colors, with the jersey.

What new gameplay is there?

In the past, players will tell the fans when they interviewed when they interviewed them in their own T-shirts. This year’s mobile devices will also be brought to the field, and players can choose to update their status on social media in social media in social media in social media in social media, and fans.