Two Yangji will find new work Walker to Marin Kelly to travel to the cavalry

On January 30, Beijing time, Miami Malinfish announced that the NEIL Walker was signed as a contract worth $ 2 million in one year.

Although there is a treasure in the team, there is a treasure, but Walker will pass the two-made hits.

Although there is a treasure in the team, there is a treasure, but Walker will pass the two-made hits.

The Marin Fish offset period has been looking for a suitable leftkey, while Walker is a slap in the left and right batter not only helps the team more flexibly arranged, but also as a field of wild tools, can also guard multiple locations in the wild, and even still Can you have the left and right field. Last season, he played a similar role in New York Yangji, and signed him will improve the depth of various positions of Marin’s existing lineup.

Mike Hill, Mike Hill, president of Mike Hill, is also mentioned in the team’s array. It will also take care of Peter O’Brien. Defensive tasks of the second base and the three bases.

Walker needs to find his own strong strike feel as soon as possible.

Walker needs to find his own strong strike feel as soon as possible.

Walker last season until March 12th and Yangji had a year short, and thus greatly affected his preparation before his season. Last season, his overall strikes were only 0.219 / 0.309 / 0.354, but removed him in April, he was in May, and there were 0.247 /0.346/0.442 after the attack, and he retrieved in the next half. It also made a contribution to the Yangji’s 100 win season.

Due to the free player’s quotes during the next day, many Strength players were found until the start of the spring training. And Walker has also experienced Lance Lynn, Logan Morrison, Alex Cobb, Greg Holland (Greg Holland) And Jonathan Lukroy. They last last season is lower than expected, especially when the season has just begun.

This year, Walker finally touched the next family before the start of the spring training, so he was adjusted in the spring training to meet the beginning of the new season. This is Walker’s 11th largest league season, removing the blow performance of his 2010-2017 season last year. If he can retrieve the state before, Marlin’s privilege is better than the value. He will also become the fragrant 饽 in the trading market.

Marlin fish signed Walker’s operation is very good, but the front team chooses to solve the Derek Dietrich, it is a bit not impatched. Although Walker can open the bow, he is 33 years old, Ditrich is 4 years old, and the characteristics of Ditrich and Walker are similar. The defensive end Walker Duri is strong, and Walker’s anti-warming reputation is mainly based on past.

Marin fish may still be considered by salary to consider Ditrich. It is expected that the annual salary of the new Sai Titrich will reach 4.8 million US dollars, and it is 2.8 million compared with the contract of Walker. Therefore, Marlic Fish chooses to remember Dietrrich to find a cheaper alternative in the market.

Today, I have prepared the state-of-the-job, the state of the city officially announced another Yangji, Shawn Kelley. According to the joint number, the two sides reached a contract with a contract worth a $ 2.5 million in a year, and the team options taken outside.

According to relevant people, Kelly’s second year’s team options value $ 2.5 million, if the team chooses to do not perform an option, Kelly will get $ 250,000 compensation. In addition, he has reached 50 games, 55, 60 and 65 games, Kelly will receive an incentive bonus worth 62,500 US dollars. Given the most popular number of days in the Kelly Career Single season, the probability that the two incentive bonuses Kelly will not be large.

April this year, Kelly than 35 years old, has just fulfilled the 3 years of $ 15 million contracts signed by Washington. In the last year of the contract, the Kelly monk villated 49 games, and the loss of self-blame is only 2.94. In the past four seasons, his self-blanking rate of 3 seasons was pressed below 3.00. In addition, he can be 9.2 times every nine-season, and the delivery is 2.29 times.

The only exception, Kelly frequently suffered from the waist strain, the plaguing of the plaic malaria, and many times to enter the injury list, and finally reimbursed due to right elbow bone fragmentation. That season, Kelly was only cast 26 games, and the loss of self-blame was as high as 7.27.

The rider is not a lot of movements in this break, and the more adjustments on the lineup are signed Lans Lynn with a contract of 30 million US dollars; Danniels, the Baseball Operation, President, Dan Daniels Decisiveness to the Potarti NETRICON POURICKSON PROFAR traded to the sportsman.

At the same time, Daniel is a lot of economic applications in the market and the contractual compensation. These include Shelby Miller. These signs will not succeed, but do not rule out that there will be the second spring that has been retrieved in the visit, so that the team is buried for the next subsequent operation.

After Kelly federate the cavalry, it will enhance the strength of Turves and McCarlicist together – Chavez last season was traded by the swing of the cavalry, so he was not strange to the team – thus Will be the bridge between the first hair pitcher and the young fireball male plug – Leklake. Kelly’s physical condition is the biggest obstacle he played, but as long as he is healthy, he is a steady ring in the cowshed.