Wall News update: Multi-team is intentional! 47 million salary is hindering, or still staying a rocket team

On November 29, Beijing time, the Rockets who have not played today have attracted many people’s attention, the reason is Wal. The 31-year-old old will https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com be in the Rocket’s preseason with the regular https://www.nbatrikots4.com season, but now he may have a bit can’t sit, see the players of the Burtone, Jay, Green, etc. I also want to play a better than the program. After all, it is so long to sit on the cold bench in the long run, and the state is inevitable. At that time, I wanted to leave the Rockets to be traded, it seems more difficult.

So Wal has already contacted with the Rocket Management, the coach group, but the problem is that the Rockets don’t want to give Wolle, Wol insist on the first, and the two parties have fallen into a deadlock. But the current news is that there is still a stay between the Rockets and Wal, Wall may also find a chance to fight for the Rockets in the future, but not now. According to NBA reporter Warner Rosski, many ”criticism team” is interesting to Wall, they want to bring Wolle to hand to compete for https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
the champion of this season.

After all, last season’s Square is a sweetness of the trading. The Rockets’ PJ-Tak became a metron, in order to get Tak, the Bucks did not hesitate to send DJ-Wilson, Augustine and a first round. Sign, the result was in the spring of Ratak’s defense to help the male deer won the valuable championship trophy. Wall is also a member of the Rockets, and the strength is not good. If you get Wall like Takhake last season, you will naturally help your winning plan.

But the problem is that although many teams show wishes, Wolmar will take directly to these teams directly to these teams. After the game was finished this season, Wal welcomed the ”player option” (worth 47 million) in the last year. According to the current market and Wall’s strength, he got a year of more than 20 million annual https://www.maillotbasket6.com salary. Almost no play, so this 47 million surpass Wall will not give up.

In other words, Wol will perform its own player option next year. In this way, these interested Wall team will definitely pay for this big contract. Although Wol has experience, this will directly occupy the team’s 47 million secure space, and this money is better to introduce some young players than Wol. If Wall promises no longer executing 47 million contracts last year, Wall may be easy to be traded.

But Wall will not do this, the Rockets can’t buy Dolo directly. 47 million high salary became hindered. Warner Rosski further reported that the Rockets still have space with the Wall dialogue, and both parties will continue to expand. In other words, this may be the Rocket B program, because the Wall is the first choice for the Rocket, and after the situation of Wall shot, the Rockets can only leave Wolle 1- 2 years. Therefore, Wall is in this season and next season, perhaps in the Rockets effectiveness is the most likely thing.