Wang Yuan’s high-quality kick can not bring the victory metropolis 1 to 8 losses from Marinfish

On September 29th, Beijing time, New York Metropolis will meet Miami Madolin on the home Flag Stadium.It was originally a game that was unrelated to play games, but because China’s red young star Wang Yuan became very significant for the game.At the same time, this series is the last game of ”American Captain” David White’s career, and he will retire this season.In such a multi-meaning competition, Marlin fish is a better way. From the 4th game, there are four consecutive bodies, and they will open the advantage and the bottom of the victory. In the end, it will be 1 to 8 at home.Loss.

Jose - Ulina today performance is bright, running in the spending ball

Jose – Ulina today performance is bright, running in the spending ball

[Data Highlight]

Luojas 6 playing 4 points, contributing 1 points to get 2 points, the first great performance is excellent; O’Brien, Dianzu hits 2 security to get 1 point, the Marin fish line contribution is even,And the harvest will be lost twice.

[Competition process]

The game is open, one of the Chinese people who are red combined with TFBOYS, who served as a winner, he is the first Chinese mainland performance star in the historical player. Wang Yuan wore a white T-shirt in New York, all barely standing on the station, putting a powerful ball in the barrier board, baseball draws out beautiful trajectories to catch up, the game officially started!

Marin fish launched a double kill

Marin fish launched a double kill

In the first half, Kole-Osvardo debuted, Rojas hit a hit, but Castro’s roll earth was killed, and the Rair Mutu was also three vibrations, the first Slooion is fast. The first bureau, the second half, Jelon-Uliner station, Hill, Nimo, the same first stick knocked out the hit, McNer rolled the earth, caused Nimo to be blocked, Kong Formo high flying ball out, then Mysnel Both the Basin success, Bruce four bad balls, Rosario hit a hit to help the team friendly, but when he shocked the second base, he suffered 1 point, 1-0.

In the middle of the second game, Anderson knocked out the second base to beat, and then advanced to the third base, but the Hiira rushed to blocked and did not make Marlin fish score. In the second half, Smith Flying ball is out, Frazer is selected from the four-bad ball to keep it, but when trying to pirate, it is grasped out of the bureau, then Pravich is sent three vibration, the end of this Council.

In the third bureau, Pitcher Osvaldo hit the earth, Nimo was sent to the base, and McNeil once again contributed, but Kong Formo and Bruce were flying out, and the half ended.

In the fourth place, O’Brien took the lead in playing the base, Anderson selected four bad balls, after the Ben Linsen high flying ball, Dien made a play, one person out of the work, Hiira although hit The earth leads to Dian in the second base, but O’Brien still runs back to the homes score, the score is equal, 1-1; but the round to the pitcher hit, Ulina is out of the bureau, the macarish pulls the score.

In the first half of the fifth game, the big capital will first pitted Osvardo to be replaced, and only 4.0 bureaus was hit by 4 avantages lost 1 point, sent 4 times, three oscillated but there were 3 guaranteed. Cow shed Pitter Swallo, first hit the second base to be hit by the first hit Rohas, and then solved the two players, but O’Brien knocked out a second base to beat, the macaro has reached the metropolis. 1-2; Subsequently Anderson is selected to be guaranteed, and Bringson uses the third second base of the Branch to get the team 3, 1-3.

This game may be David - White last time weeks will be jealous.

This game may be David – White last time weeks will be jealous.

In the second half of the fifth, Wairt rolled out, Nimo hit a hit, but McNeil and Kong Formo double high futures, Maruli kept leading.

In the upper half of the sixth game, the pitcher Ulina selected four bad balls to keep it. Rojas continued to fight a good strike, and the first base is played into the runner. Return to this barrier, marin fish expands the advantage, 1-4; the second half of the sixth bureau, Ulina continues to shoot, although it is hit by Bruce, but Rosario’s double kill, plus Smith The flat fly ball is out, and the alternative is three on three.

In the first half of the seventh game, Anderson’s first hit a hit, Bincan passed the crusade, Anderson pushed to the three bases, and the Dianzhong foreign field will fly and let Marlin fish score again, 1-5; The pitcher then burst out of the champion, 1-6; Luojas continued to contribute some points, the score expanded to 1-7; Castro was knocked out to the homework, and the Lemuu used the first base to be played for macaro. 8 points, the momentum is unable to stop.

In the second half of the seventh place, Ulina ended the pitching work, this is over 6.0 bureaus to be hit by 5 security games, sending 2 three-oscillated 4 times, the number of passes is slightly more, but she can win the quality first Sending and winning candidates. In the first half of the eighth game, he will change to Tim Peterson, successfully completed the three three times; the second half of the eighth bureau, Jarin Garcia picked up, facing the metropolis center line, McNeil high-speed ball out , Kong Formo and Bruce roll the earth, all the main lines are all lineless.

In the second half of the ninth Bureau, the big capital will finally off-attack opportunities. Rosario first was out of the bureau, Smith was brought by the crowd, Fraser was then touched by the ball. I’m cut, I was three-ball three-vibration; Leheme, who came to play, did not contribute to the fight, and the metropolis will regret.

[Double hair start]

Most of New York:

Nimo Chinese and foreign wilder

2. McNeil’s second base

3. Confucius

4. Bruce

5. Rosario guerrilla

6. Smith left outer wilder

7. Fraser 3rd base

8. Pravich catcher

9. Osvaro pitcher

Miami Madolin:

Rojas guerrilla

2. Castro two base

3. Resel Mutu catcher

4. Aublaiele

5. Anderson’s three base

6. Bringer Sino-foreign wilder

7. Dean left outer wilder

8. Hiila right outside

9. Ulina Pitcher

[Next prospect]

The whole of the 2018 season, the United States, the Rules of the Routine Routine, and the metropolis will enter the second game with the Marin fish series. We will send Steven Mitz to serve the first hair, 5 wins this season 11 Negative 4.14 self-bladed rate, this is the 30th season of his season, the highest career. At the same time, in addition to the first time, the number of pitching, the number of three ivions is the highest career, this is a good season for health. Marinfish is Telravo Richard debut, the season 4 wins and 9 losses 4.66 self-blame rate, this is the first season of his big alliance, and the last 8.0 bureau did not lose, Send 9 three-vibration, the player faces his shift ball only. 163 hits, 40% shot proportion.