Wang Zhizi has played 5 years of NBA, and now how much pension is available monthly? Say you may not believe

Wang Zhizi has played 5 years of NBA, and now how much pension is available monthly? Say you may not believe

Since Jordan, the NBA Alliance has entered a rapidly developed stage, regardless of the visibility, and the influence has risen to an unprecedented height. After entering the 21st century, the emergence of Super superstars such as Kobe James is to make NBAs a largest sports alliance in the world. The business value is no match, and it is necessary to know that NBA is signed in 2016. A broadcast contract, reaching $ 24 billion

With the success of NBA commercialization, the players who played in the alliance have undoubtedly become the biggest beneficiary, and the contracts of thousands of years can be seen everywhere, and those top stars can sign a large contract, which can be said. The salary of the game can exceed the annual income of most ordinary people. For this reason, many overseas players are very eager to log in to NBA, one is to prove their strength, and the other is for rich income.

In recent years, there are also many yellow-raceful figures, from the earliest Bartl, Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian, Sun Yue, Zhou Qi, these players have proved Chinese people to the world. The NBA is based on the court. Wang Zhizhen is undoubtedly the first player who stands in NBA. He gave a five seasons in the alliance. The superstars have done a teammate.

In the five seasons of NBA effectiveness, Wang Zhizhen’s total salary reached $ 5.7 million, although it was not much more than him compared to those stars. In fact, in addition to the salary earned during the player, Wang Zhi can also receive the NBA’s retirement pension after retiring, then the problem is coming, Wang Zhi, Wang Zhi, who has played five years in NBA, now how many pension can be received every month Gold?

During the president of Stern Stern, the alliance established a pension policy to give those players who have lost their bankrupt because of the unreasonable players after retiring, and the threshold for pension is at least in the alliance. More than 3 years, in addition, the retired players can enjoy NBA lifelong medical insurance, which is very humanized.

It is reported that Wang Zhizi can receive $ 1530 in the age of 45, and if it is renminbi, it will be nearly 10,000 yuan, and there is near 120,000 income. This number is nothing to do with Wang Zhizhi, which is now wealthful, but for those players who have fallen because of squandering, but can guarantee the most basic life demand.

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