Washington Red Leather Launched Haskins first round show will welcome your career first

November 2 (Wen / ESPN JOHN KEIM Compile / White) November 1st, Washington Red Leather Temporary head coach announced a rookie four-point guards, Haskins (DWAYNE HASKINS) will be November 3 On the day of the game, he ushered in the first time in the game.

But this is only forced to choose under the injury of Case Keenum, and Haskins can sit in the first position and have to be observed.

Temporary coach Karaham said that Haskins will start, and Kasa is shocked, and there is no brain shock test procedure through the league.

Another quarter-free Calt-McKoo (Colt McCoy) will replace the Haskins, and the Bill team has the third pass of the Ranking League. Defense.

The first round of the 2019 election conference, Haskins was brought back to Washington by the Red Leather Team, and this young guy has been replaced twice.

Haskins 22 times out of the hand, 14 times, no passing up to 4 copies, performance can be said to be extremely bad. Karahan said that no one guarantees the future position of Haskins, ”We only pay attention to the recent game.” Karaham said.

As a rookie quarter-defense of the same year, several players have played a multi-game competition, gradually sitting on the team’s main force.

They are Arizona Rashtan, Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, Jacksonville’s Gardner Minzhou, Daniel – Minshew, and Ryan, Cincinnati, Ryan Finley.

Haskins is the last first starting in the three first-year-old quarter.

The red league originally hoped that Haskins went to the bench and longer, because they knew that this rookie was in Ohio, but the first 14 games, the team hoped that he can learn more. More precipitate some things will be handed over to him.

Especially for a pocket type four-point guard, if there is no experience, it will be subject to people in NFL. We can also see from Haskins. Emergency ability …

But since it was forced to start, the Red Leather team still hopes that Haskins can grow faster, and Haskins himself knows that there is not much learning time, so he is particularly selling in this week’s training. It is a week in the past week.

Haskins refused to interview on November 1, he only said that he would like to answer the media after the end of the game.

”We can see his progress every week.” Karahan said: ”He is progressing every day, progressing a little every day, you can feel it. He will start this week. After practicing, I practice a lot of red zones today, we are very pleased. ”

It is worth noting that even if the red skin is not intended to make Haskins start, Karahan still designs a set of tactics for him to prevent in case.

Ok, don’t you use it? As early as the fourth week, I lost to the New York Giants and lost to Minnesota Weijing in the last week, they did this. But in general, Haskins will also know more about tactics and is more familiar with the use of outside.

”I won’t say that he doesn’t know how to play.

”But he heard the sound in the headphones, heard the tactical layout of the coach, this is somewhat different, because the situation of the professional stadium is very varied.

He is really hard in this week. He knows how he should play, if he sees the opposite SLR or dual security guard, he knows which line pass is a safer choice. He is now in place for the understanding of tactics. ”

This week, McLuolin said that Haskins is ”very serious, very practical”. ”He will practice the tactics of coaches in Juji.”

McLuolin said: ”I think this is very important, because this will run through the entire attack. He gave the offensive front line confidence, gave each player confidence, let us everyone feel relieved.

You know that he has understood tactics and can perform boldly. This is a significant significance, I think I have seen his progress, this is his biggest progress this year. ”

McLolin has served as captain in Ohio, and he all helped Haskins into the team throughout the summer, but at the same time he was trying to walk into the heart of Haskins.

It is said that after the first-player coach Jay Gruden was cut off, Haaskins had been very excited because there were many reports that Grid didn’t want to choose Haskins in April. It is not very much like Haskins.

Haskins received an interview on Wednesday to recognize his changes, and McLelin said that Huskins play a little life.

”His every game, every piece of attack seems to take it. I told him ’You have this kind of war, but you also have to miss your next game, yours. The future. ’The game sometimes hits smoothly, sometimes it is very bad.

You are quadruple, you must have a poker face to bear all this. ”

”His performance is not good in these weeks, but he does improve his ability to perform, command the ability and convey tactics, we believe him.”