Wenz injury retreats the old eagle endy anti-false failure Falcon 24-20 ending battle three losses

Beijing time on September 16th, 8:20 early, the first warfare of the Atlanta Falcon, met the Philadelphia Eagle. The Falcon has never been behind 57 minutes before the game, and most of the time is in a leading state. But they were reached by the Eagle 3 minutes before the end of the game, but the Huagu team rely on the first two days before the end of the game, the first two days of extension, Jones, who had just renewed the contract, Jones, obtained the anti-super score, anti- Killed the eagle.

The final Falcon struck the Eagle team at 24:20, and won the first victory this season.

The first three trips of the two teams were all winning the Philadelphia Eagle, which also included a semi-final in the National Federation. It is the end of the game, the old eagle advances into the national contest. Then, they defeated the Minnesotavijing team and the New England Patriots team won the first super bowl trophy of the team history. In other words, the Falcon’s lost score is not only recorded, but also engraved on the inside of the first super bowl ring of the Eagle.

However, the Falcon has been reversed by the New England Patriots from the 51st Super Bowl, and it has become a failure, and there is no in the last season. Some people say that everyone will only remember who is the champion, no one will remember who the runner is. But unfortunately, that big reversal is too amazing, who remembers the feudal feat of the patriot that the patriots have completed, and remember the background board of the Falcon.


At the end of the half, the old Eagle quarter-points Kakanson-Wenz injured, and the Substitute was short-lived, so I went to the stadium after a Wenz took a while.

The Falcon and the Eagle have been handed over to 35 times in history, and the Eagle has a 5-win-up and 14-linked 1 flat advantage.

Wonderful review

The Falcon’s Falcon’s Falcon is played first, and the near-pendant Astin-Hu La has played a lot of quadrants with the quartz-Lien connection. After 5 minutes from the game, the Falcon won a 50-yard commemoration. Kicking the hand Matt – Bryant’s foot is relaxed, the French team leads and leads the lead, 3: 0. The Eagle team is kicking in the second quarter after 5 minutes, playing in a football, 3: 3.

But today’s defensive front line seems to be extremely fierce, several times collide with the eagle, quartz, San Wenz. Wenz’s passage seems to be affected. During the first two competitions, two copies were sent out, they were taken down by the Falcon’s corner.

However, the Falcon’s offensive did not stagnate, quit Swan Matt Ryan, took over the road outside Karvin-Leadley, the latter was 5 minutes left in the second quarter, successfully received Ryan’s 34-size long passed, and the first to reach the game, 10: 3. Before the end of the half, the Eagle finally got a chance of any free kick, playing the ball Jake-Elliot kicks a free kick, close to the score, 10:6.

After a break in half, the eagle should attack first. But back attack in the hand – Clemett dropped in the process of attack. The French team naturally did not waste this score, Matt Ryan directly connected to his number outside Hu Liio Jones, 17:6. However, the ”Iceman” Matt Ryan in the second half is also a bit cold. He sent two consecutive copies in the third quarter, and he also gave the opportunity of the old Eagle.

5 minutes before the end of the third quarter, the external connector Nelson-Argonolian area received the passage of Carson – Wenz, and won the first Dagua of the Eagle, 17:12. Since the score is 4 points, the Eagle is selected to play two points, but it is not successful.

From the beginning of the game, the old eagle has been taking a bitter chasing, finally 3 minutes before the end of the game, before they came to the falcon’s array. Carson Wenz personally took the ball into the array to get up to the front, and they chose to play two points again. This eagle has seized the opportunity, and the Wenz coil is close to the arm Rapk-Erz. The eagle has exceeded 3 points, 17:20.

The Falcon is not much longer, 2 minutes before the game ends, they don’t choose to play 4 files. Matt-Lan short bi passed to the outer hand Huan Jones, Hu Lio-Jones brought the ball and opened the defensive player, directly ran into the Daguan of the Eagle, 24: 20, end The game.

Player data

The old Eagle quad-saving kakerson-Winz 43 passed 25, 231 yards, 1 time reached, 2 times was copied. Run Mills – Sanders 10th sports ball, 28 yards. External handle Nelson – Agolol 8 times, 107 yards, 1 time to reach.

The Falcon Square Swan Swan is 320 yards, 3 times to reach, 3 times. Run Vike – Smith running ball, 32 yards. External handle Hulio Jones 5 times, 106 yards, 2 times.