West under the three pillars of the country into civil war key Rams Seahawks who can win the game to stay ahead

Beijing on October 4 in the morning 8: 20, NFL2019-20 the first five weeks of the season Thursday night race will usher in a strong dialogue. 3-1 National League championship last season, the Los Angeles Rams went to Seattle challenge is also 3-1 in the same district rival Seahawks.

Key West three pillars of the country into civil war

Season just past four weeks, the American League champion to fight for the playoffs and fight the top pick three camps basic form, but the National League is a completely different story. Currently there are seven National League teams to remove 3 wins, right behind that six get two-win team.

3 wins in seven of the team, there are three from the NL West, the first four weeks of rest 49ers to 3-0 become the National League’s only unbeaten team, the game’s two warring sides sea Eagle and the Rams are 3-1.

It can be said that the current National League West division title and the league’s postseason competition worst seats in the district. Today the three pillars of this situation, between the three teams battle record will undoubtedly be the key to finally decide who is the winner. Therefore, in order to occupy a favorable position, Seahawks and Rams are eager to win the game in the US live in.

Rams – 4 weeks to correct the out of control

Last week, Rams suffered a nightmare week. 40 points scored in exchange turned out to be a fiasco. Section II beginning to end, Jared – after Gough (Jared Goff) continuous wave attack sent two steals, let Buccaneers took the lead 21-0, and in half the time of this section, as the team’s biggest road kill Todd – Geer Li (Todd Gurley) actually did not get any chance to run red.

To save time thereafter regain the score, Gough more crazy pass, the audience eventually pass the ball 68 times, first in team history, NFL history third, while Geer Li helped after only five red balls chance in the team won 14 points.

But the team the whole game a total of only 11 red balls of data or set a team record low in 2006 Week 11 game against the Panthers (8) since. Excellent performance last season, the Rams all season only four games (including playoffs) no more than the team rushed the ball 20 times, I do not know a coincidence or fate, the Rams last season lost a total of four games that it is the race that no more than four games rushed the ball 20 times screenings.

Rams this season continues this law, the first three weeks of red ball more than 20 times, victory; rushed the ball 11 times last week, defeat. Sean – McVeigh (Sean McVay) it is time to think about how to protect the balance of the team ran pass, correct the first four weeks of the red ball run out of control than the.

Seahawks – rely on the best Wilson

In the last four games this season, Russell – Wilson (Russell Wilson) quarterback rating over a hundred every game, passing success rate, averaging passing yardage, every file passing yardage, touchdowns copy cut and quarterback rating than have ushered in a new career high.

And he and Taylor – Lockett (Tyler Lockett) Passing and Receiving continue to maintain a very high efficiency. Last year, Wilson passed the ball to Lockett, to reach 158.0 quarterback rating (out of 158.3), this year Lockett 26 catches for 328 yards of the data can be ranked the top ten league, plus two touchdowns.

Wilson can currently lead the league in passing success rate, can not just rely on the relatively easy short pass, on his flight in more than 20 yards passing, 21 pass 11 got 371 yards and two touchdowns copy 0 cut. Because these convincing passing performance, the Seahawks this season, significantly reduced the attack on the road to rely on.

Reduced from season league lead per field red ball 160 yards to the season Union 111.5 yards section 16 (which also includes Wilson’s own run 22 yards / field), red ball ratio fell from 52.8% to 43.4%. So in this game, the Seahawks want to win or to rely on Wilson dazzling play the job.

Century-most in history – the Seahawks shame one day

40 years ago, November 4, 1979, the old Los Angeles Rams not only zero seal the Seahawks, but also to the Seahawks set a single-game total in league history to advance -7 yards lowest on record. That game Seahawks quarterback Jim – Zorn 17 pass only 2 to get 25 yards, the team rushed the ball 12 times to get 23 yards, but quarterback captured and killed six lost 55 yards, leading to the final embarrassing record -7 yards.