Western 9th! Lakers start lineup, adjustment, Zhan Huang sun map, or 2 consecutive victories

Beijing time November 26, NBA did not arrange a game, because this day is a Thanksgiving Day, all players have a holiday. For the Lakers, the last defeat wrapper, let the team’s morale. In particular, James’s king returned, and the 2nd critical 3 points in the overtime game, and staged a tyrant dance, let the ball dream back. There is also a scene to https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com make the fans, Bradley is the crown of James. 37 years old, he is still the team’s top pillar.

However, the Lakers’ crisis still has not been released. The ”Sunset Red Elderly”, which is built in this summer, has not been able to achieve the expected effect, but because of incorporation and injury, the team’s record has fallen, and has fallen out of the top eight in the western part. Western 9th! The lake’s starting lineup is adjusted, and Zhan Huang’s chart, or 2 consecutive wins back 8.

Western 9th

The arrival of Wei, did not solve the problem of the Lakers. Through career career, Wei Shao has not played the ball in a crown team. Join the rocket, and the grinding of Harden is not entrepreneur; the wonderful talents, the cooperation with Bill is also a strong man. Today, it is already a 33-year-old age, the exercise capacity is declining, the shooting is serious, and the partner of James is also there is no chemical reaction.

There is a lot of mistakes, the shooting is not good, and the partnership of Wei Shao and the eyes are not expected. Therefore, during the lack of James, the Lakers constantly encounter losing, and finally ranked to the 9th of the west. As before the NBA star O’Neill said: If the lake keeps the status quo, the first round will be eliminated.

Lakers start lineup and adjust

According to statistics, https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
the Lakers have discharged 10 sets of different starting lineups in 20 games. This also illustrates two situations: (1) The health status of the Lakers is worrying, because many players are injured, Woger has to passively change the starting lineup. (2) There are too many new aids, and Woger needs to be tested while finding a set of best starting lineup. At the beginning of the season, I have always adhered to the double internal combination. Xiao Jordan has always been first, recently being completely abandoned.

Davis gradually became the first center, Hordon Tuck’s return brought a fresh vitality. Ever since, Walgel has recently adjusted the starting lineup, specific: Wei Shao, Bradley, Tak, James, Davis. I hope that the small lineup can work, but Davis’s physical condition is worrying.

Zhan Huang’s chair

James has previously lacks 8 games due to injuries,https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com followed by ”fighting wind wave”, and the conflict with the Pistons Stuart is banned. So, in the game with the pedestrians, Zhan Huang riveted a strong, cut 39 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists 1 steals 2 caps, three-pointer 12 shots 5. In fact, the Lakers are currently bad records, which will make Lao Zhan very depressed. The previous game, the Lakers were defeated, James appeared in the face of Mu, showing a bitter laugh.

Today, James has updated the tweet, the key 3 points and the watcher battle, and the text: Thesilencer (silencer) God, I love this game! In fact, James issued a document more to vote, to the outside world: The Lakers are not like this, it will become better.

Or 2 consecutive winning 8?

After Thanksgiving, the Lakers will take the challenge of the Kings at home. For the Lakers, the king is not a strong brigade, and they have just encountered a https://www.nbatrikots4.com changing wind wave, the team’s military is unstable. However, the king’s internal strength is weak, Mei Map, Tristan – Thompson, Ryan, Jones, Baghry and other players. Davis will encounter major challenges, how to give support and support, which is a key part.

However, James’s complex will bring huge power to the team. At present, the Lakers ranks first in the west. As in the 8th and seventh and seventh wins in the western part, you can return to the first 8 as long as you work hard. In this way, James led the team to defeat the king, ushered in 2 consecutive victories.