What are the problems of 49 people in Hao Song?Offensive means single injuries hidden dangers

November 22 (Wen / ESPN NICK WAGONER Compilation / Draskar) San Francisco 49 people lost to the Seattle Hawks After the season was not defeated, they were thrilling when they were thrilled last week.

Even if the record is bright, the performance of the team is on the field is also a place worthy of improvement.

Steve Young

Steve Young

This is not to deliberately find a 49 people, and this is to give 49 people indicate improved direction.At present, they have already held 9 wins and 1 losses. If they improve these issues, they may have the possibility of impact towards the super bowl.

Thus, ESPN analyzer Greg Cosell and the first 49-person Hall of Fame, STEVE Yang (Steve Young) has paished a passment of 49 people in the first 10 games.:


The 49 people in the season have a great progress in manufacturing opponents, and the offensive group still does not have much progress in protecting the ball to avoid mistakes.

In the top 10 games, 49 people have a total of 17 mistakes, and in terms of the total number of income characters in the full League, it also includes the mistakes in the Red Area, which is in the League.

Among them, Jimmy Garoppolo needs to bear most of the responsibility. He has been copied 10 times this season.

Garobolo sometimes pasted the ball, and each game will pass 1 to 2 times of copied or alive. Not only, when he was killed by an opponent, he was doing the protection of the ball, and it was created twice when it was facing the Hawks.

Although the problem of changing groups did not resolve, the excellent performance of the defensive group tend to embrace the impact of the offensive group mistakes. This is why San Francisco is still able to score this data in the forefront of the league in the event of this data.

However, in the game of the Bracele, the Hawkslied 49 people will take 21 points, which is a warning of 49 people to ring the alarm. A good team can seize the opponent’s chance to score, taking into account the strength of the opponent after 49 people, they must keep in mind this.

Garobolo said: ”This is not worthy of crazy, what we have to do is to do our own things, all the game, each gear offense can be implemented in accordance with the plan.”

Offensive performance fluctuations

49 people focus on road attacks, and the average number of rushs per ground is second. In most cases, their strategy is very successful. But when they encounter opponents to hoard heavy soldiers in the defensive front, they have to force Galopolo to pass to the team’s other unpredictable balls.

In this case, Garobolo’s performance is good. In addition, when the 49-person road offensive can’t open, 49 people’s offensive will often fall into stagnation.

The most worthless problem in the offensive group is that the performance of the outer work is very unstable. They not only fluctuate on the ball data, but the performance of simple ground stability is not so satisfying.

49 people’s external connections were ranked 27th in the league number (102) and the number of ball codes (1358), while the ball is out of hand (4.4%) reached 5th high in the league.

Even if the 49-person offensive front line is very good for Garobolo’s protection throughout the season, it has recently been loose signs.

These factors have led to the 49-person offensive program to rush as the core, supplemented quickly from the short pass. This season Galopolo only 21 passes more than 20 yards, this figures are the least alliances.

With the reinforcement of the opponent behind the schedule, 49 people should increase the means of attack while maintaining defensive efficiency.

Yang believes: ”If the opponent can block 49 people’s profound attack, compress 49 people’s offensive space, 49 people will fall into the situation that is difficult (this will be more troubles).”

Pavement defense

Robert Saleh

Robert Saleh

In referring to the defensive group, the team defensive overall performance is very good, and can have a certain flaw in the defense against the pavement. 49 people enable opponents to run 4.72 yards once, this data is located in the league 26.

Starting from the 4th week, this data rose to 5.27 yards, ranging the countdown in the league.

The explanation of Robert Saleh is: ”We have introduced a new idea for pavement defense, and the players may not fully understand.

Over time, the player has a deeper understanding of the system, combined with the opponent against our weakness, we will be more targeted, and our anti-running performance will get better and better.

So I am currently running to the team’s performance is not too worried. Obviously, this is where we need to constantly improve. ”

In the case of a good score in the first half of the team, 49 people do not improve the anti-running season, the problem is not large.

However, Saleh has a short-defensive group, the greater the team’s help. After all, the next half of the way they have to encounter the team like Baltimore Crow.


This problem is that 49 people cannot control: Although 49 people have dragged money this season, good news is that most injuries have not reimbursed season.

Line Weakers – Alexander (Kwon Alexander) Bless the torn lack of the team, it is a major blow to the team, and the knee ligament of Ronald Blair is also the same.

George Kittle

George Kittle

In addition to these wounded, most 49 people’s injured people’s injury time is short.

Core players such as the team, such as the close-end Gorge Kittle (Knee, ankle), left offensive Diagon – Stale Staley (Finger) and External Handsman Newier Emmanuel Sanders (ribs) may return in recent times.

Emmanuel Sanders

Emmanuel Sanders

At present, Kiter is missing two games, Sanders has been hurting the game. The two of them are obviously the best ball choice of the team, and Kitel is the most indispensable player in the team offensive group.

Koise said: ”Just Kittel is in the team’s lineup, he can bring you help. He is a very important member of the team offensive group.”

If 49 people can usher in the full blood return of the existing wounded without increasing the new wounded, 49 people complete in the playoffs will be the power of the National Union.