What is the magician on the baseball field? Bayz attack and defensive two ends of the magical performance to help the bear win

MLB Kingzhong District Chicago Bear guerrilla Haville – Bayz is a magician wearing a baseball glove. He once again played a wonderful critical and light speed transceive the audience https://www.mlbdrakterno.com cheering, but his strongest talent is – intuition .

This morning, the game once again showed the talents of Bayz, this two national union star players in the ninth game of the game with a seemingly incredible way to kill the pirates, Miles, the final bear It is also overcome San Diego priest with 6-5.

In fact, take a closer look, catch the ball Victori-Calanti to the second base of the ball, but this is not a problem, https://www.trikotskaufenn.com he does not costly and then pull back, in Mile The moment of his hand is in the instant before the second base, and Bayz touched the Mai Lee’s ankle.

Byzadz’s high preparation skills successfully blocked the priest from going to the spot. Then, the bear Terminator Craig-Kindlell did not give priests any chance, and https://www.mlbtrikot4.com finally made 300 million Mr. Manni Marcha.

Although objective lecture is not relying https://www.mlbboutique2.com on this ball to save the bear but his wonderful preparation does help the bear to avoid the small theater, and increase the record after the thoroughness of the worship to 7 wins.

This kind of super-beauty preparation that did not look at it is not the first time in Bayz career. For other inheriors, this option may be a high-gloss of career, for BAEZ, this happens almost every month.

Bayz is most familiar to see https://www.mlbtrojerse.com people in the 2017 World Baseball Classic game, Bayz, while catching the passerby of Mori?a, there is an end of the semi-bureau.

In fact, the last month of Bayz did the same thing in the game against the Saint Luyisurg.

Looking at the whole game, who is the beef bear strong offensive point? Still Haville – Bayz.

Byez played three-unit gun in the fourth game, the horn of the counterattack, and the leading advantage was maintained at the end. Byzz This season, the 24th, 8th hits, and 67 points, are the first.

After winning the game, the Chicago Bear has expanded the leading advantages of the country of China to three.