What is the style of Relay Sol? Metropolis Pitted Sindgard, True God, Tell you

Written / Zhang Zihan

Recently, the ”Avengers League 4” detonated the film, everyone lifacked the House of Lei Shen Sol, and MLB also had a thunder, he heard the big horse, left a fluttering, like a real version you.

The 26-year-old Nova Schidgard is played in the New York, the accumulation of 39 wins and 25 careers. He is the most amazing is a super fast fireball. As a full-speed pitcher of the full-all-all-all-all-all-all-all-league, Schindgard picked up the words ”Raytheon’s hammer” ruthlessly investive, and the ball of the sky has made a lot of players who have seen the big face.

It is not known that Schindgard is also like a movie Sol, but the high school step into the gym experience made him complete the transformation, and turned from an obese teenager into a high school potential.

Fat teenage high school team of glasses

Nova Schidgard grows in the small town of Dallas, Mansfield, who did not show baseball talent, and his adolescent is a bit embarrassing with professional players. He is 14 years old, and it is mad to 180cm, and the bias is fat, and he and the school team are completely non-stained. The impression of Schindgard is to wear glasses, messy messy, and always frown when thinking.

Schindgard likes to exercise from Xiaoyao, and he began to reveal some baseball talent. In the community slowly softball match, he can strike the ball and pick up the baseball speed can also reach nearly 80 miles / hour. But compared with other high school potentials, Schindgard moves very slow and uncoordinated, so he has always been the edge of the school team.

Schindgard also tried football during middle school. The coach gave the Schindgard a special helmet to accommodate his big head and glasses. He was placed on the offensive line because of the Human Horse, in the face of other Dallas strong high school students. Before the start of the game, Schindgard pleaded with him to take him home. https://www.mlbtrojerse.com He felt that this collision is too terrible. NS.

Schindgard is not good at the baseball team, and other children have laughed at him because of obesity, and they fixed several training days. Sindgard is hardly talking to teammates. He dreams to board the big alliance, but he even high school competitions. I am very small. Ten years later, there were teammates recall the original Sindgard: ”He likes animals very much. We all speculate maybe he will become a veterinarian.”

How to grow in Nova Schidgard, growing into a big new show, then speaking 102 miles / h in the 102 miles / h for Soli nicknamed? Everything must be attributed to the gym of high school summer vacation.

Xu is because it is unsatisfactory on the sports field, Schindgard asked his father to take him to the community YMCA exercise. Schindgard began https://www.fanbutikk.com to run weight loss and subscribed to fitness magazine. ”I have always want to lose weight, I seem to have a nerd of a sports ability,” Schindgard said when she recalled high school. ” I am trying to exercise, I am fascinated by the gym. ”

Practically trained Schindgard to show amazing fireball

After a year of hard work, Sindgard has grown from 191cm, and the weight is also slim at 86 kg. His figure is tall and elongated, and he can invest more than 80 miles / hour speed ball, but in Texas, a high school student is like Lin, he has not selected a summer all-star team. The angel team visited his family in November, but the scout suggested that Schindgard went to university multi-abrasive hood and considered the big alliance.

Texas is a place that is difficult to find high school players, because the school is far https://www.mlbdrakterno.com from Tuesday and Friday. For new people who are not familiar, they are difficult to find the player, and more scouts put their work at the university baseball team.

In February 2010, Toronto Blue Bird’s Discourage Steve Miller came to a school in the suburbs of Las, where he was scared by Schindgard: strong body and powerful pitch, 100 goals finished After Schindgard, Schindgard can also use 95, 96 and 97 miles / h.

In the same year, Toronto Bluebirds won Nova Schodgard in the first round of the first round of the first round, and the contract contract also has a contract of $ 600,000, and Schindgard is willing to be a professional baseball player. .

Small League Guangmei Shift Transfer New York Mandari

In 2011, Schindgard served as a pitcher in the Blue Bird Small Alliance A. He also won the 5 win 2 defeats in https://www.b2bshopp.com the whole year, also a beautiful 1.83, a total of 59 games in Cindalgard, 68 Sinodgard, 38 times, and the inadequate, Sindgard is slightly tender, 23 times Trying to pirate with 19 success.

Prior to the 2012 season, MLB official website rated Schindgard as the 95th bite of baseball. He is in the small alliance with the two potentials that have been attracting attention. The new Xiu Justin Nikrino has Alon – Sanchez is known as the Blue Bird Small League. The 2012 season is also the first time Schindgard’s first selection of small alliance all-star competition. The 8 wins and 5 loss of 5 wins in the year can still be maintained in excellent 2.60, facing a higher level, Sundgard Sultative power There is no decline in 103.2.

On December 17, the Blue Bird team, the Blue Bird team put Schindgard, Travis De Arnold and two rookie transactions to the New York Metropolitan team. Schindgard and De Arnold’s arms were originally considered to be an important person in the blue bird’s future unveiled scene, but the blue bird still chose the short-term benefits to use the two potential of the top three in their own farm. The new show. ”Butterfly Master” RA-Diqi.

The continuous performance of the small alliance has also made Schindgard quickly came to the 3A-level small alliance from the big alliance, and the Schindgard in 2014 was not as wishing, and the 9 wins were swallowed. The lower 7 defeated, although the vented ratio did not fall but the self-vibration ratio came to 4.60.9 months, most will not decide Cund Gard to call the big alliance.

Schindgard in the session season is strive to train, and the whole winter has increased nearly 8 kilograms of muscle balls to three digits. When he opened the 2015 season with 1.82 self-blade, it will quickly put it. He called to the big alliance.

Strong landing of the big alliance picking up ”Rayt God”

The first show of Schindgard swallowed, and the New York Metropolis finally lost to Chicago Bear with 1-6. The Sindgard, who was first in his career, was sent five and three-thirds, and the three points were sent and 4 guarantees and 4 guarantees. But it is perfect in Sindgard’s opening, and he has a three-in-one big league who faces himself.

In less than a month, Schindgard adapts to the rhythm of the big alliance. He is more reasonable to make a dozen tape in a good ball belt, and it is more horrible to be 92 miles / h. Even the United United States MVP Otti has played this shot in this shift: it is very difficult to touch with a ball, not to mention it. Schindgard is a genius.

Schindgard was originally prepared to imitate the pitching style of Nelan-Lan, but he had just caught up with the Milky movie heat, and he was very like a cartoon character Ray Sal, he was called MLB Raytheon . Seddergard will count the Sols of the metropolis, even the gloves embroidered on the English name ”Thor”. Have a thunder-fireball and a super-speed ball, Sundedgard kills four squares on the MLB game, and the rookie season was 166 times.

In the playoffs, Schindgard is also teamed up with ”Dark Knight” Matt Harvey, and the Degrom has led all the way to kill the world contest, but only the rookie’s Sundgard is present in the game. Talent is considered to be the most important pitcher next ten years, and the National United Nations newcomers after the season, the Sindgard ranks fourth.

The 2016 season, Sindgard rolls, the average rapid ball speed and even came to an amazing 99 mile / hour, in addition to this, he also added a slide with strong sinking. Due to the sharp trajectory of this slide, many fans also called this changing ball is Schindgard’s ”Raged Hammer”, Schindgard played a career in the 2016 season, career first selected all star games In the first 31 games, only the 183 bureau’s pitching work is crazy, and there is 218 three vibrations.

Although Sundedgard was occasionally injured, every time the board was a fireball, with his own powerful pockets. It is more difficult to be valuable, as a national conference that needs to be hit, the Schindgard’s hitting level does not fall.

In the game, in the game, Sindgard was like Sol, who was re-launched in the movie, and controlled the whole game. He has completed the opponent 9 games, only hit 4 security, and set 10 three vibrations and 1 time. And the only score of the metropolitan game is his left outer country homer to Taylor-Mal steady in the third place. He also became a pitcher for the first time in 36 years to reach the home.

Sindgard in the 2019 season is still progressing, continuing to grind their weapons, it is said that he will still re-retrieve his own curve. Where is the ceilings of this MLB Thunder, we have to know, but Schindgard is one of the players of the Big Alliance in the next decade.