What is the use of the MLB player seating area phone? "Old Daddy" once used the ball to smash it

The MLB playoff is in full swing. In addition to the game itself, some of the tips and details inside and outside the field are also worthy of fans. In the live broadcast of the game, I can often see the pitcher coach call in the seating area, then what are they doing? What is https://www.maillotspascherfr.com this phone?

Speaking of the phone, let’s share an interesting thing, July 28, 2013, the legendary player David David David Ottz in the red socks in the game, because the referee has repeatedly punished. When I returned to the seating area, I used a ball with a ball and cocktile straight through the phone, and the ball was broken on the spot. More interest in, the Jinjian team did not throw this ”smashing” phone, but when he retired in ”old”, give him this phone, but also nailed it on the wooden board. superior.

The Jinjian team will give the smashed phone to

The Jinjian team will give the smashed phone to ”Old Dad”

Different calls

The player in the United States, the players of each play, usually there are two calls, a direct dial, a direct dial media.

Cowhed is a place where the dumprs and warm-up are usually used with the head coach, the first player and https://www.fanartikelsportde.com the player player, so when the main trainer needs to relate to the hands and warm up, it usually passed Telephone contacts and notices.

Media room because there are multi-angle lens observation games, usually when the head coach is punished, there will be many colleagues in the media room, and how big is the challenge. The media personnel will observe the playback of each angle and give suggestions.

Sometimes, the team management will also find the coach, communicate and notice through these calls, such as: Your first pitcher has been sold as a message, the media sometimes also interview coach through telephone Players can even use these phones ”call out”. These phones are very old, that is the traditional cable phone, and very few people want to improve them. In 2006, the won team once wanted to cooperate with Motorola https://www.mlbboutique2.com to change the phone to the big brother (mobile phone), but it did not continue. Because although the cable phone has failed, even if you don’t put a phone call, you will not be able to do it, and the management and players are more worried about the signal problem of wireless phones.

Can the phone content are still stealing? Rule is constantly optimized

Today, the big alliance wants to completely change the telephone equipment of the player’s seating area, not only to alliance network, but also responsible for monitoring the phone content of the seating area. This is because of the development of scientific and technological, not only the development of the Shenglios printed management personnel, not only the Shenglu database, and the Boston Red Sock Team has been stolen by the Apple watch, which makes the big alliance began to worry about information security. .

Because the phone of the player seating area leading to the media area is the best gang of stealing the signal. Because the multi-angle playback recording of the media area is easy to steal the arrested signal, it is easy to pass to the main coach and hit the player.

In a sense, the big alliance does not completely oppose the stealing of the signal, but you have to have your naked eye, if you can observe your own business, if you use any high-tech means or foreign delivery, then It is illegal. If there is no telephone assistance, even if the team sees the signal in the media room, you have to go to the seating area, then transfer the signal to the player on the second base, and then pass to the hitting area of ??the district, this is basically unable to Implemented.

The big alliance stipulated that the speed of pitching and the number of visitors of the hand, especially the discussion of many players, because the progress of the game did not face the status, because the coach and catcher must frequently replace the signal Avoid each other to know your own stages of strategy.

Therefore, the telephone monitoring policy of the large alliance will be a method of reducing the stealing signal and supervising the quality of cowshed, and this system should also upgrade the old telephone system.