What life is this? Lightning quartz Wei Tayele injury actually pierced the lungs by injection drugs

September 24th (Wen / ESPN Adam Schefter Compile / Love) Los Angeles Lightning is a little bit a little in the next week, and the champion chieftain, the rookie is not good, the new show is good. However, the team coach Anthony-Lynn is still inspired by San Swan Torto-Taylor is the team’s first. On Wednesday, Lin En broke out the reason for Taylor injury in an interview – a team doctor injected a painkiller in Taylor before the start of the game, accidentally pierced his lungs!

That’s why the first quarter-free temporary quarter of the Lightning Second Week, and Lin En also said that Herbert will continue in the third week of the Black Leopard. However, this does not mean that Herbert succeeds in this, and the lightning trainer hopes that Taylor can come back this week, but it has been opposed by the doctor.

Lynn said that Taylor’s injury would not threaten his career, and saying that the doctor ”just made a mistake.” ”This is just an episode,” Lin En said, ”Taylor did not be angry, and did not worry about it.”

The NFL player will investigate this medical accident. George, the Assistant Executive Director of the Foreign Affairs Assistant, indicates that the medical and legal team of the player’s union will contact Taylor and his broker from Sunday. Taylor’s injection is not uncomfortable, but this is risky because the doctor can’t see the specific position of the needle tube during the injection; even the news, the sources revealed that the injection of the drug is still rare, especially Before the kick.

In the first week of lightning, Taylor two rib fractures, but he has been hurting until the game accepted the nuclear magnetic resonance check. On Friday, Taylor participated in the team training, then the team was removed from the injury report; it appeared that if he injected analgesic medicine normally, he can play as scheduled.

However, after the team doctor punctured his lungs, Taylor was sent to the hospital for treatment, because he had some breathing difficulties. Doctors suggested that Taylor did not rank out, even though the coach Lin En said as long as Taylor 100% rehabilitation, he would serve as the first quarter. Lightning is still trusting him, because his ability and credibility, at least he brought the team in the first week to win the game.

Perhaps such an accident can give Herbert more opportunities, let him show that he can also lead the team to win, and face the black panther who lost his number one to run to McCrere, maybe Herbert’s top A perfect machine.