What should NFL blow? Former UFC owner is interested in entering an NFL team

When you see the NFL blood sprayed body collision, you have thought about these, if you have learned a two-hand, if you learn one or two hands, is it like a tiger? Maybe in the future, you will really see this situation, according to TMZ Sports Report, the former UFC (Complex Competition) Boss Lorenzo – Faitta has a strong will to have a NFL team belonging to himself. !

”I always want to do this (buy an NFL team).” Faritata said. As early as 2016, he and his brother Frank sold their shares in UFC; and he said in the near future, he will invest some of the profits into a US rugby team. But now, a serious problem facing is that there is no boss in the 32 team, is willing to sell their team. ”Yes, there is no such opportunity now.” Faitti himself frankly, he claimed that he didn’t picky a particular team, and at this stage, as long as there is a team to buy itself. ”I love football very much. Where is it not important, I can go anywhere.”

After Faritata expressed such a will, his first faithful fans immediately appeared – Dana White, UFC. The current UFC global CEO called ”Bai Da” is called ”Bai Da”, if Ferrta wants to buy a NFL team, they are willing to be his partner. ”I am very interested.” White said. Although there is no team in the sale, White is full of confidence in Fernatta. He believes that Fernanda will have a NFL team. ”He is absolutely will definitely become a boss of a team. He has run the casino and UFC, he is an incredible NFL team boss.”

In fact, the so-called ”martial arts wind” integration into the NFL course is also quarantined, especially when the defensive front line player is often used to break through the offensive front line obstruction, often use some of the cracking skills. For example, when the extension defensive cutaway Alon-Donald is shocked ”Wing Chun Bridge” when making technical exchanges with retirement and killing Demagus Well! ”The fat man will not stop.” Donald cut 20.5 times in the season, then I really want to be friends!

Whether this matter will be unknown, but we can imagine the style of ”Kung Fu Rugby”. Other teams of the boss lights the team training ground, they are full of spring breeze, talking with the players; and Faritata may directly guide the training – ”Old brother, lock him! Lock him!”